Let Her Sleep (Dream Walker Chronicles #1) by Gail Wagner (Review by Katie – #NerdGirlKtLBLy)

Let Her Sleep

Title: Let Her Sleep (Dream Walker Chronicles #1)

Author: Gail Wagner

Published Date: December 14th 2014

Genre: Fantasy


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After surviving the accident that killed her mother, Cordelia Jameson’s life has been ruled by survivor’s guilt. She thinks quitting her meds is the first step to taking back control of her life, but they are the one thing that’s been keeping her safe.

Rescued from her nightmares by the boy of her dreams, she finds herself inexplicably falling for him. When he shows up at her school she begins to question her sanity.

Reid Shaw pulls her into his world of Shadows and nightmares putting her in grave danger as the evil that haunts all dreams begins to hunt her. She is forced to choose sides, and no matter what, she’ll lose someone she loves.


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***Katie – #NerdGirlKtLBLy’s Review***

 Cordelia’s life is simple. She goes to a good school, she has a wonderful housekeeper, and she has a loving father (even though he works a lot more then he should). For a while she used to have many nightmares about the car accident that she and her mother were in, where her mother unfortunately didn’t make it. She used to take medication to help her sleep but since then she’s stopped taking them. After she stops taking them she seems to have these dreams where these shadow people show up. She’s scared until this boy named Reid also shows up and fights them off.
Reid, along with many other family and friends, is a dream jumper where he can go into people’s dreams and fight off those shadow people. The leader of the group thinks Cordelia might be a dream jumper too and wants to try to recruit her, so he tells Reid to find Cordelia in real life and make her trust him no matter what. The most crucial rule is, he must not fall for her. He does eventually find her at her school and enrolls there to get to know her more and make her trust him. Cordelia is shocked that the boy from her dreams is suddenly there right in front of her but she certainly doesn’t think they could be the same person. They do start to hang out and get to know each other and the longer the time they spend together the more their feelings for each other grow which Reid knows could get him in serious trouble.
The story is told through both Cordelia’s and Reid’s perspective and I thought that added a lot to the story. You really see what each character is going through and what influences their decisions. It wasn’t just a simple

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