Seizing Shadows (Fur, Fangs, and Fairies Book 2) by Mariana Thorn (Review by #NerdGirlKelly)

 Seizing Shadows

Title: Seizing Shadows (Fur, Fangs, and Fairies Book 2)

Author: Mariana Thorn

Published Date: November 17th 2014

Genre:  Urban Fantasy


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Kalypso is supposed to be on assignment for the master of the hellhounds, Alkaios. Instead, she has been dragged into another incident by Valdimir and Fane. She arrives on the scene just after the action has ended. Stemming her vexation, she helps heal the injured Radek, Val’s son. Kalypso is forced to yet again clean up one of their messes.
She finds her friends have been keeping a deadly secret. Her heart is crushed when the worst should happen. The lives of those she cares about are all on the line. Vengeance will be had. Kalypso is forced to work with the one she vowed never to work with again. It requires her to open herself up in a way she never has before. Will she admit to the love that dwells in her heart? Will they all meet their demise?


***Contains Some Violence and Strong Language which may not for young readers***
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***#NerdGirlKelly’s  Review***

 Great story and amazing characters! I am loving this series. The paranormals and the hybrids are like none other that I have read. There is always some twist. The sequel picks right up where we left off, right in the middle of the chaos. Natalya’s past catches up to her and we are introduced to Fane and Kalypso. This is told from Kalypso’s POV. She is one of the oldest beings on Earth and you can tell with the way she speaks and her mannerisms. But Kalypso is ever adapting. The chaos erupts when they are brought on scene and we are forced to say goodbye to an old friend. The same crazy story continues and with some new characters. It is a fast paced, action packed, and will keep you wanting more.

“Who made you queen of Sheba, again,” Fane asked. “I was acquainted with a queen of Sheba once. She was willing to take any man to her bed. I do not see what she would have to do with our predicament.”

“Lying to me is not advisable. You have incurred my wrath and must be punished for it. This is a promise. We are hunting you and we always catch our prey. Make your peace. There is nowhere for you to hide in this realm or any other.”

“The ass informed me he loved me, and then went scampering away. Who does that? What in the seven hells is wrong with him?”

I love how the women in this series are fearless and strong and the men are right along for the ride. The characters are coming together to right some wrongs but are also dealing with love, loss, and revenge. Beware of the cliffhanger… but I WANT MORE!

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    Sounds interesting!! I really enjoy a book where females take the lead and the males are along for the ridw

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