Monster Squad: The Iron Golem by Christian Page (Review by Katie – #NerdGirlKtLBLy)

 Monster Sqaud

Title: Monster Squad: The Iron Golem

Author: Christian Page

Published Date: December 10th 2014

Genre: Middle Grade/YA Science Fiction


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Monsters. Mad Scientists. Danger.

Dark forces are converging on the sleepy town of Autumn’s Hallow. Monsters in the woods, mad scientists on the loose and sinister minions lurk. Four young friends must band together to uncover a secret plot that threatens them, the town they live in and the people they love. It’s up to Blaine Davis, Daschle Gaunt, Shelley Merry and Drake Harker, heirs to fantastic powers to stop an evil that threatens to consume the world. Can the Monster Squad thwart the evil Victor von Frankenstein in time? Find out in Book 1 of an exciting new series!

New Generation Publishing’s 2014 Children’s Book of the Year Award Winner


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***Katie – #NerdGirlKtLBLy’s Review***
“It’s alive! Alive…!” A brand new series that combines sci-fi with classic horror monsters. Something has crash landed in Roswell New Mexico and it’s up to a group of researchers and scientists to find it and figure out what it is. Inside is something they haven’t seen before and before they can get close enough to check it out they are knocked out. After coming back around the scientists start to discover they have certain abilities that seem to grow stronger the more they use them.
The story goes on many years later to a group of friends starting middle school. Blaine, Shelly, Kevin, Dash, and the new kid Drake. The kids start to notice some changes going on with them like Blaine sees she has a hole in her hand that she can literally see through, when it’s a full moon Dash gets angry quicker and stronger and even howls at the moon, Kevin is getting bullied by exchange students from “Grimm Academy” (Dash comes to help him and after fighting notice something very odd about the bullies), and Shelly notices the strange janitor Igor seems to be watching her. The new kid Drake says he knows what’s going on with them and he gives them very important information. He explains that one of the scientist now known as Victor von Frankenstein, who was one of the people who discovered the alien ship, is trying to track down the heirs to the scientists who had gained abilities for his own selfish ends. Drake has been sent to help find the heirs and protect them any way he can.
This story was very good. If you love sci-fi, classic horror monsters, or both then this story is definitely for you. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever read before and it was very clever in mixing both genres together.


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