Courageous Souls by Nicole Daffurn (Review by #NerdGirlKelly)

 Courageous Souls

Title: Courageous Souls

Author: Nicole Daffurn

Published Date: June 11th 2014

Genre:  Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Dystopian


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The war of 2078 extinguished life as it was known, leaving a desolate world in its wake. Those who survived rebuilt. But as it goes, people make mistakes. The city of Hybora is a cruel place to live, those who reside among the lower parts of the city – The Pits – rarely see old age. Those who survive long enough, live a perilous existence, to live, to fight and to die for the amusement of the Upper’s, who sit upon their thrones that look over the city.
Jessie Halloran witnessed her parent’s execution at the age of ten, and for thirteen years she’s fought in the mandatory tournaments held in the pristine arena of Hybora’s Pits. Thirteen years waiting for her chance for revenge. Thirteen years swallowing her hate, until it was all she could taste. Now at twenty three, she is ready for vengeance.
Though the vengeance she so richly deserves comes at a cost. The Upper’s are not what they seem, and Jessie’s revolt not only casts the spotlight on herself, but also those who make a stand to fight with her. Among those who will stand with her is her boyfriend, Jaxon.
Jaxon fell from grace more than four centuries ago in an effort to salvage what was left of humanity among the throngs of war.
Now, together they will lead an uprising that those in power will never see coming.


***Contains Some Strong Violence***
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***NerdGirlKelly’s # Review***
Loved Courageous Souls! Absolutely captivating. This is a dystopian type setting with fallen angels and wraiths. The leaders of Hybora have a hold over it’s citizens like no other. Jessie has been summoned by their leader to yet another death match. Only this one is different. She has been placed against her lover, Jaxon, who is a fallen angel. They have a plan to escape and in doing so have started a war against the uppers of Hybora. The author takes her time and explains everything in a way to put you right in the middle of the story. You get a point of view from all over. You really feel like you are in the middle of the action. In the middle of all of this we get to go through all types of emotions from being in love with your soul mate, family, friends, and to the other end of the spectrum with vengeance and hate.
A few of my favorite parts….

“And when she wakes in the morning she will find she is safe and sound in the loving arms of her Dark Angel.”

“One day they would try to kill her… One day she would burn their city to the ground.”

“When your heart finds the heart it’s been searching for your whole life, your life changes forever. You don’t see the world the way you used to. Everything which was dark becomes light. Everything which was bad becomes good. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you are doing, as long as you are with that person, you just know everything is going to be fine. My soul found your soul and when you look into my eyes it’s as if everything around us disappears. You can see into me like no other person on the Earth can, Jess. I love you more than my own life.”

Courageous Souls is a nail biter. I could not put it down. Beautifully written. This is the second book I have read by this author and I am ready for more because I am hooked. Well, and I need to know what happens next too! Just when you think things are looking up…cliffhanger! Very well done!


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