That Night With You (Cover to Covers #4) by Alexandrea Weis (Review by Kristin – #NerdGirlSoldier)

That Night With You

Title: That Night With You (Cover to Covers #4)

Author: Alexandrea Weis

Published Date: November 2nd 2014

Genre:  Romance


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Madison Barnett spent one-night with a stranger that changed her life forever.
But when she takes a job at Parr and Associates as their newest architect, Madison has no idea that the stranger she has spent five years trying to forget is about to walk right back into her life. And what she hoped would be a fresh start turns into a perplexing dilemma.
Soon Madison’s life is sent into a tailspin as she tries to juggle the demands of her controlling boss, Hayden Parr, with her persistent desires for her long lost sexy stranger.
Then, just when she thinks all hope is lost, everything changes.
Madison embarks on an education in the art of pleasure that began five years ago in the bed of the man who captured her heart. But there is one little catch…
When fantasies become reality, passion can turn addictive in…That Night with You.


***Contains Graphic Sex, Strong Language and Adult Situations. Not for young readers***
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***Krisin -#NerdGirlSoldier’s  Review***

This book had me hooked from page one! I enjoyed the interactions between Madison and her roommate Charlie. They are hilarious when together and then you add in their landlady Mrs. Leder and you have a lot of laughs.I also found the interaction between Madison and Hayden to be very well written. You can feel the sexual tension and all of the emotions between them come out of my kindle.

The plot was excellent. I found myself surprised along the way, especially about Adam’s character. Adam is a secondary character who is an annoying little creep and gets himself into a lot of trouble with Hayden. He’s a well developed character that we can all enjoy disliking. He constantly annoys Madison and tries upstaging her. You’ll find out just what happens to this irritating man. (Side note: the bar scene had me in stitches.)

Hayden, at times, needed a good smack to the head but overall I liked him. He is definitely your typical alpha male with the “Me no share woman” syndrome. Hayden doesn’t display his emotions and that causes problems for he and Madison. Part of his issue is that he stills sees her as the young girl in the bar all those years ago and not the woman she is now. He grows some towards the end of the story but it works. It’s not an all at once growth spurt; he comes to realize things in his own time, and being a man it takes some time to do that.

Madison was fantastic. I love that she had a lot of inner turmoil with her feelings for Hayden. Should she be with him or should she stay away? Should she leave a job she loves in order to protect herself, or does she stay and have her heart broken? Madison is strong. She’s snarky and loyal. Madison does a lot of growing; she learns to believe in herself not just as an architect but as a woman.

I highly recommend you pick up a copy today and fall in love with Madison and Hayden. They’ll make you laugh, cry, scream and more and you’ll love it.

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