Slice & Dice by Mariana Thorn (Review by Gladys – #NerdGirlOfficial)

 Slice and Dice

Title: Slice & Dice (Skylar Wolfe Mysteries Book 1)

Author: Mariana Thorn

Published Date: July 10th 2014

Genre:  Mystery, Thriller & Suspense


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“Nothing good ever happens before ten in the morning.” ~Skylar Wolfe, PI

Skylar Wolfe is far from your average PI. Full of snark and purple hair with a quick tongue and no filter from her brain to her mouth. Trouble always seems to find her and she always drags her cousin Levi along for the ride.

But this last bit of trouble she seems to have fallen into is the deadly variety. There’s a corpse at her door (no really, I’m completely serious) with her name all over it. It seems she has pissed off the wrong person. Being Skylar the list could be a little long. She teams up with Norcrest’s new delicious lead detective, Aiden Livingston. Then leads the hunt to find the person responsible.


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***Gladys-#NerdGirlOfficial’s Review***
Skylar Wolfe is everything I would want to be if I wanted to work side by side with the law. She is quick witted, snarky and loosely reminds me of Sandra Bullocks character in Miss Congeniality. Mainly because I love me some Gracie and because they both are just a bundle of personality!

I am a giggler. I giggle for no reason. I even giggle in my sleep so when I started the book and Gracie…. Ahem… SKYLAR was shooting a bounty while her cousin Levi whined about his jeep I giggled and thought of Gracie punching the lights out of a playground bully for her crush. Anywho!!!

Mariana has the ability to capture her reader at the word go and take them on an adventure that, well, will make you giggle. I enjoy her writing style and her characters. I want to see more of Skylar and of course the odd mix WITH Aiden who I didn’t even touch on because I just loved Gracie. #FacePalm. SKYLAR!! I won’t be sleeping on Mariana ANY LONGER!! AND NEITHER SHOULD YOU!!!


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  • Michelle Mauer

    This review was awesome!! I loved Miss Congeniality so I have a feeling I will love this book!

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