After Tomorrow Anthology by Samantha Ketteman and Others (Review by Derek – #NerdGirlDad)

 After Tomorrow

Title: After Tomorrow Anthology

Author: Samantha Ketteman and Others

Published Date: Dec 10th 2014

Genre: Sci Fi


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Dive into worlds that have survived the worst mankind has ever seen and join us on our journey into the unknown. Nothing is what it seems and survival is the ultimate goal in these tales about the world After Tomorrow. Zombies, time-travelers, cyborgs, aliens, and cannibals are all finally in one amazing post-apocalyptic anthology! 16 stories, four poems, and 5 pieces of original artwork all combine to form this one-of-a-kind anthology. Read stories from some of your favorite authors and find new authors to love!


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***Derek – #NerdGirlDad’s  Review***
Four stars only as the whole thing is as depressing and pessimistic as anything I have ever read. Technically the work is good; hence the four stars.
This is a sci fi anthology of short stories and I have made a brief note regarding each. Most are very depressing and pessimistic, so be warned.
Warp and Weave by C.L.McCollum  Speculates on life after time ceases to flow at  a constant rate. Various items, humans excepted may revert to their Past or their future form. An interesting concept, well written.
The Oryx and The Undead by Kelly Matsuura  A very good post-apocalyptic tale. A shape shifting race, always present has now allowed the rest of the survivors to know them. The main trouble is the presence of Zombies.
The Cure by Nicole Daffure    A madman (or group) develop a way of eliminating all humanity surplus to their requirements to rebuild. They almost get away with it.
Landers by Samantha Ketteman Most believable short tale so far – another post apocalyptic one – this time solar flares have wiped out most of the population and animals
Piano Man by Catherine Stovall – Interesting picture.
The End by Eada Janes  – Well titled poem.
Darkness by H J Daly –   Long in the future the night is to be feared – but no one knows why.
Dead World by Toni Lesatz –  Like most of the other stories this could be the beginning of a novel.
Red Scorpion by Yasmin Fazli  – The best so far.
Looking In by Cathy Daff Ricketts  – Interesting pic.

Terminus By Scott Venue –    A poem.

Falling Through Time by Emma Michaels & Michael Cross –
Time travel, strictly regulated has its problems

Population Zero Nicky Louise –
Another pessimistic look at the future of overpopulated Earth

Last of His Kind Sherwin Matthews –
Even more pessimistic, but not so well written as often inconsistent. E.g no electricity on world, yet electric trains still run.

Insurrection Madison Stewart –
Slightly more optimistic

Behind the Mask Nicky Louise –

Forgotten Demetria Motsinger –

No Tomorrow Catherine Stoval –
As the title says

Dakkar A Tales of the Orb Prequel  H. L. Houghton –
May well be the first couple of chapters of a novel

Delilah’s Birth K.C. Finn –
An unusual tale – well told and complete.

Double Exposure Andrea L. Staum –
Short story with a possible future for us – instead of an end.

End of Days Jeff Motsinger –
Pic by author

The Mirror Cathy Daff Ricketts –


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