Southern Spirits (The Southern Series Book 3) by Shelley Stringer (Review by Stephenee – #NerdGirlSteph)


Title: Southern Spirits (The Southern Series Book 3)

Author: Shelley Stringer

Published Date: November 28th 2014

Genre:  Paranormal Romance


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“Southern Spirits,” the third and final book in the Southern Series, continues the spirit-filled romance between Chandler Collins and Banton Gastaneau. Chandler’s perfect life is within her grasp. Pregnant with twins, she anxiously waits for Banton and the SEALs return from their last deployment. The ongoing battle between the SEALs, Aldon and Somali Orcos escalates with an urgency to finally end the conflict and stop Dante and Lucian. While the rest of the SEALs fight in Somalia, John is left behind to allow a period of mourning for Brie, and he watches over Chandler with Everett’s help. As questions about the blood-thirsty Orcos and Everett’s past are about to be answered, tragedy strikes. While Chandler tries to cope with her own grief, she fights a different kind of battle…her feelings for John and a quest to reunite him with a transformed Brie. With the help of the Southern Spirits and eternal love surrounding her, her life comes full-circle as she embraces the past and fights for her future and her family.
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***Stephenee – #NerdGirlSteph’s  Review***

I have loved this series from the very first paragraph and have not had any disappointments since starting to read them! I love the characters, the dialogue, the author’s style of writing and the setting – yep, pretty much everything about the books!! I have been looking forward to Chandler getting her Happily Ever After, and wasn’t sure that it was ever going to come….

The author has a unique storyline, she has a different take on things that the reader never expects and it is one in which the reader will instantly become hooked on. The Aldon are a new, exciting and different type of vampire and they are one in which the reader can’t get enough of! There is non-stop action and excitement throughout the book and even when it ended, I continued to imagine what could happen next. The reader becomes invested in the characters and thinks about them long after the book is finished. I am still trying to wrap my head around some of the things that took place in this book and I can’t wait to see what author Shelley Stringer brings us next! It is a nonstop adventure right from the first page that connects the characters, old and new, together in a way in which they are forever linked together. It is like an instant family that the reader loves and wants to be a part of especially since the characters become friends/family of the person reading the book.

This is the 3rd book in the series and you must read the previous 2 to understand what is going on as well as to fully understand the characters, the dynamics and the story. There is some minor sex scenes, but nothing too graphic or disturbing. These books will become an instant favorite for you! I know that any other book that the author writes will be first on my TBR list! I have found a new favorite author in this one and I know that you will as well – don’t hesitate to add this and her others to the list and read them soon, so you don’t miss out on this amazing journey!


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  • Michelle Mauer

    I love series and this one on my TBR list

  • Jamie Jimboy

    You have stated perfectly exactly what I have been trying to say myself. I cannot quit thinking about the characters, the story line, the setting that I can picture as plainly as if I was watching it on the big screen. It is a part of me now and forevermore. I go to sleep at night still obsessed with thoughts of it. I know this series is going to take the world by storm!! I pray that Shelley Stringer keeps this series alive for years to come. I will never tire of reading about it!!

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