***Awesome Blog Review*** – City of Eternal Night (Crescent City #2) by Kristen Painter (Review by Gladys – #NerdGirlOfficial)


Title: City of Eternal Night (Crescent City #2)

Author: Kristen Painter

Published Date: December 2nd 2014

Genre:  Urban Fantasy


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Magic and mystery collide in this second installment of the new urban fantasy series by House of Comarre author Kristen Painter.

Still coming to terms with their unexpected partnership, Augustine and Harlow have a tentative truce. With Harlow slowly working to accept being fae, Augustine still learning how to be Guardian, and feelings growing on both sides though, they do not have an easy road ahead.

But when a young girl is stolen from the Mardi Gras Exemplar Ball — the biggest far event of the year — Harlow and Augustine must put all their issues aside to bring her home alive. Harlow’s father, Braziano, is of course their number one suspect, but evil lurks in every corner of the city and time is running out. Their only choices: Either find a way to rescue the girl, or Augustine must die.


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***Gladys – #NerdGirlOfficial’s  Review***


FAN~TABULOUS!!!  I am such a fangirl for anything from the “House of Kristen Painter”  First the House of Comarre series, then the House of Rising Sun and now the sequel to HoRS, City of Eternal Light.

I do believe I enjoyed this installment of the Crescent City Series more than I enjoyed anything I have read from Kristen.  Her writing has LEAPED off the pages and had me turning so fast I swear I would have had a zillion paper cuts if I were not an experienced page-turner.

AND may I add ~ I LOVE FAE MYTHOLOGY!!! The magic they possess and the magic their “objects” possess.  I won’t go into detail regarding what I mean but if you have read Richelle Mead’s Storm Born Series or Karen Marie Monings Fever Series you will see that this series is of the same caliber of greatness.  (Raising my eyebrows, I kid you NOT.)

Her world building was skillfully crafted and the characters held heartbeats within the pages.  I can already tell you that this trilogy will be one that I can enjoy over and over again.  Sadly, it will be with a heavy heart that I will have to force myself to read the 3rd book.  SNIFF SNIFF….  I never want them to end!

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