Reluctant Angel by Chastity Bush (aka Anna Snow) (Review by Shelly – #NerdGirlXrayer)

Reluctant Angel

Title: Reluctant Angel 

Author: Chastity Bush aka Anna Snow

Published Date: June 25th 2012

Genre: Paranormal Romance


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An angel desperate for a second chance…

When a tragic accident takes the life of Killian Sams, she enters the one place she never thought she’d see. Heaven … or something like it.

Desperate for a second chance, Killian’s willing to do whatever it takes to regain her human life, including falling to Earth and facing the Destroyer.

If she can defeat the Destroyer—a creature who awakens once every century to take the souls of as many people as possible for power—she’ll earn any one of the countless souls he’s harvested over the years, including an immortal one.
But there’s a catch. In order for her to be sent on this mission, she has to agree to help Chase Crawford—a mercenary who’s in desperate need of saving—see that his life is still worth living. However, she never expected to fall for the ruggedly handsome soldier of fortune.

Now, not only does Killian have eight days to find, face, and defeat the Destroyer in order to stay on Earth, she has to do it while fighting her growing feelings for the man she’s vowed to save … or lose him forever.


***Contains Graphic Sex, Strong Language Or Adult Situations. Not for young readers***
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***Shelly – #NerdGirlXrayer’s Review***

A tragic accident takes Killian Sams life and after she enters heaven she wants a chance to regain her human life.  She is given that chance but has to save the life of Chase Crawford and defeat the Destroyer.

Killian is not your sweet good angel.  She curses, fights, and goes after what she wants.  She is a kick a$$ women.  Chase has had a lot of pain in his past.  He seems to have given up the will to live.  Killian has to convince him there is hope.  After he meets Killian he realizes there is a reason to live and it is the angel that stands in front of him.  The entire story they dance around their attraction to each other.  You get to know both Killian and Chase from the tragedy in their pasts.

Once again Ms. Bush packs much action into a short novella.   A mercenary and an Angel stand up to the Destroyer.  If you want action and steamy romance then pick up a copy of Reluctant Angel.

“I was sent to save you.”

“Save me?” he scoffed, leaning closer to her face. His breath wisped over her mouth. The scent of
mint tickled her nose. “From who?” he challenged through clenched teeth.”

Their faces hovered a mere breath apart. His lips looked so inviting. So tempting. The need to feel them pressed against hers surged within her.

He reached up and grabbed her nape roughly in his large, hot palm. “That’s all well and good, angel, but who’s going to save you from me?”

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