Hemlock (Tales of a Traveler #1) by N.J. Layouni (Review by Derek – #NerdGirlDad)


Title: Hemlock (Tales of a Traveler #1)

Author: N.J. Layouni

Published Date: April 27th 2014

Genre:  Romance / time travel


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Broken hearts aren’t always broken. Sometimes they’re just bruised.

Tired of thinking about her worthless ex-boyfriend and the humiliating way in which they parted, Martha Bigalow goes on a hike hoping the dramatic hills of the English Lake District will help her to forget. But as she crosses an ancient set of stepping stones, she slips and falls into an angry river.

Time Travel. Sideways.

She wakes in cave, wearing nothing but her dodgy, mismatched underwear. Her only company is the man who saved her life: a tall, dark, and disturbingly attractive stranger named Vadim. Too bad he’s a medieval re-enactor gone feral. Or so she assumes.

Crazy dream or not, it soon becomes clear that when she fell into the river she left the twenty-first century far behind… and medieval Erde is nothing like home.

Now, all that stands between her and almost certain death is the crazy man with the sword. And then he offers her his protection… with the role of his “wife.”

Vadim is a wanted man. An outlaw.

The last thing he needs are any complications of the female kind, but then he happens upon a strangely attired woman lying beside the river…

Martha is bold, outspoken, and altogether irreverent, and every instinct he has warns him to abandon her… only he cannot. Her allure is already much too strong. Against his better judgement, despite all the risks, Vadim offers to help Martha find her way home.

Until then, Martha must adapt to medieval society, steer clear of the Evil Earl and his minions, and maybe—just maybe—learn how to trust her heart again.


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***Derek – #NerdGirlDad’s  Review***

  Due  to a mix—up, computer filing error or whatever the author sent me book Two before this one, so I posted reviews of that weeks ago on other formats but Nerd Girl held off so look for part 2 tomorrow!!!    Not to worry, though, as I would have read both anyway. They are well worth the effort.
It is a new approach to time-travel, with this being a romance, not sci fi. Martha ,after leaving her worthless boyfriend slips on a stepping stone whilst crossing a river in the Lake District in England. After, we are left to assume, knocking herself out and nearly drowning, she wakes in what appears to be a world like Medieval England .  I say ‘appears to be’ as, although the geography agrees with this assumption, the language spoken and place names suggest an alien world.
Fortunately for her she is found and befriended by Vadim. (He just happens to be an outlaw and in twenty first century parlance drop-dead gorgeous). This the first in a series and you will enjoy the building romance between Martha and Vadim, but be warned that there is a big cliff-hanger in that (i)she does not get home in this first book and (ii) she and Vadim are not together by the end, Martha having fallen foul of the ‘baddie’   Anselm.

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  • Michelle Mauer

    Love the sound of this book and I enjoyed the review! I’m a sucker for romance :)

  • NJ Layouni

    Thanks for this, Derek. Have a great Christmas! :)

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