Angels of Death: Succumb by Amber Sherwood (Review by #NerdGirlKelly)


Title: Angels of Death: Succumb

Author: Amber Sherwood

Published Date: June 19th 2014

Genre:  Paranormal/Thriller


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Brisbane Manor hides within its walls a secret. A secret so terrifying it will change the lives of all that enter… forever. The beautiful Brita, unaware of the manor’s history, hides a secret of her own. Sent to work as housemaid for the brothers of Brisbane, she considers this place a safe haven. No longer will she have to defend her every move. No longer will she have to bear the accusing glares. She is finally away from a mother who cast her out… away from townspeople who ridicule and abuse her. But soon she will discover that what she believed was a gift from God has nothing to do with anything Godly. Ashford, rich and powerful, one of London’s elite, uses his cunning and dark, handsome looks to manipulate those around him, easily gaining anything he desires… and what he desires, at times, is more deadly then they realize. Harmon, who at one time partook in Ashford’s evil endeavors, now fights the conflict within. After a horrible accident, he turned against what he is, what Ashford made him. Now, he is on a quest to protect Brita from meeting the same fate, even if it brings his existence to an end.


***Contains Graphic Sex, Strong Language Or  Adult Situations. Not for young readers***
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***#NerdGirlKelly’s  Review***

 The author takes us back in time when Brita is hired to be a housemaid for Ash and Harmon. Little does she know the brothers are vampires. Things gradually unravel revealing dark secrets that Ash and Harmon both hold, but we also experience Brita’s demons that she is battling. Ash is keeping something from Harmon and Brita. Brita is forced to be a vampire and Harmon is killed. Brita runs away, hoping to leave Ash and the past behind her. We then are brought to modern day where an unfortunate accident brings Brita into Jazz’s and Brent’s lives. She then experiences true friends. This is one of the best vampire books I have read. The story has something for everyone… vampires, thrilling, suspenseful, love, jealousy….the works.

“Dreams are said to be a reflection of a mind’s darkest secrets.”
“You should never be ashamed of your name.”

The author’s writing will suck you in from the beginning and keeps you wanting more. I cannot wait to see what the next adventure will hold.

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