curse your lips by Imogen Karo (Review by Cassandra – #NerdGirlLola)

Curse Your Lips

Title: curse your lips

Author: Imogen Karo

Published Date:  November 4th 2014

Genre:  Paranormal Erotica


1 star

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After the most intense, sensual dream of her life, Astrid lives an incredible supernatural occurrence that turns her whole life upside down. The very hero of her dream, a half man-half deity descends into her real life and allures her into a mind-blowing game of carnal, lascivious seduction. Can Astrid handle the game, or is she ready to surrender?


***Contains Graphic Sex, Strong Language and Adult Situations. Not for young readers***
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***Cassandra – #NerdGirlLola’s  Review***

 This has to be the weirdest thing I have ever read. Let’s start with the length, its only 21 pages (19 pages on Amazon, and 25 pages on Goodreads), so it qualifies as a short story. As a reviewer this is the shortest work I have ever read, it took me about 5 minutes to read it. BUT it was a long five minutes due to the fact that I was trying to figure out just what the f*** was actually going on.

This whole thing feels like it was unfinished and possibly written under a deadline that couldn’t be met. For me it really bounces around more then a short story should and doesn’t really finish a coherent thought throughout.

I would like say that the erotic scenes saved it but even those were off putting and awkward. Like many others I like a little pain with my pleasure, but when it is described as “excruciating pain” I think that delves into a realm far beyond me.

Overall I would not recommend this to anyone; it’s confusing and a little disturbing.


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  • Michelle Mauer

    I am not a fan of many short stories. The synopsis of this didn’t even catch my attention

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