Love Triangle: XX Version by Magus Tor and Carrie Lynn Weniger (Review by Katie – #NerdGirlKtLBLy)


Title: Love Triangle: XX Version

Author: Magus Tor and Carrie Lynn Weniger

Published Date: June 22nd 2014

Genre:  LGBT romance


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‘I love him, but she loves me!’ Sydney is an attractive almost college graduate, who struggles with homophobia. Her boyfriend and love of her life, Joe, and she have big plans to move in together after graduation down in Florida. When Joe realizes he can no longer cope with Sydney’s homophobic rage and mindset, he breaks up with her and leaves her to pick up the pieces. Although devastated, Sydney must find the strength to go on. Fast forward five years, and Sydney finds herself losing her job and finding another the very same day due to meeting the gorgeous Samantha Martin, the Vice President of Marketing with a trendy cosmetic company. The two become extremely close, and as Samantha provides Sydney with exceptional incentives, lavish gifts, and the royal treatment in the office, Sydney as well as her co-workers quickly realize there’s something… strange going on. Something that’s too good to be true. With lies, deception, love, humor, and mystery all rolled into one, Love Triangle XY is a story about love, loss, acceptance, and redemption. NOTE: The difference between XX version and XY version is the ending, the story is the same. So please do not buy both books. If you do, don’t complain, I had warned you!


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***Katie – #NerdGirlKtLBLy’s Review***

 This book is a very quick and simple read, but I thought it was still really good. Sydney and Joe have been dating for a while and are about to graduate college and Sydney can’t wait for them to start their lives together in Florida. They go to a party hosted by Joe’s friends and their happen to be two gay people there. Sydney isn’t shy to let her feelings about not liking and not being comfortable around gay people be known. After a while Joe can’t take her homophobia anymore and he breaks up with her.
After 5 years Sydney still can’t get over her love of Joe. She wonders where he is, how he’s doing, and if he’s thinking about her as well. She decides she needs a night out so she and her friend Amanda go to a bar. Amanda goes off with a guy she met and Sydney doesn’t want to go home yet so she stays there and gets very drunk. Into the night she meets a woman named Samantha who takes her to her place to sleep since Sydney is too drunk to even remember who name, let alone where she lives. That makes her late for work where she loses her job. After a few more unfortunate misshapes she runs into Samantha a little later and explains what happened. Samantha offers her a job as an advertiser at “Storyteller” which is a cosmetic company which she is the VP of. Many of the girls working there are rude, catty, and mad that she has such a high position but after working there she really enjoys her job and is good at it so she doesn’t care how mean the other girls are. Sydney and Samantha start to become really close friends and one night out Samantha kisses Sydney, and Sydney not sure how to react, runs out. She’s not sure if she should be disgusted with Samantha for doing it or disgusted with herself for not being sure if she liked it or not. Sydney finds Samantha later to talk and she learns a very shocking and surprising secret. I literally gasped out loud because I had no idea it was coming but I thought was executed very well and was very good twist. I totally loved this story and got through it very quickly because I enjoyed it so much I didn’t want to stop reading.
*I was also given the alternate ending and I have to say that I liked the original much better. The alternate just kind of completely disregarded the feelings of a certain character and didn’t really think twice about it which I thought was a complete 180 of the entire story. So if you want a quick, fast, funny read I’d definitely check this out but stick with the original*

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