Pack Hunters (The Trust Casefiles #2) by Lee Cushing (Review by #NerdGirlKelly)

 Pack Hunters

Title: Pack Hunters (The Trust Casefiles #2) 

Author: Lee Cushing

Published Date: June 24th 2013

Genre:  Horror / Thriller


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The Trust – A secret organization comprised of thousands of independent field units fighting an eternal war against demonic forces that prey on the innocent.

Following a trail of half-eaten corpses to the coastal resort town of Durden’s Bay, Brigadier Randall Levine uncovers a plot to abduct passengers on an international flight bound for Los Angeles and enlists help from Alexandra Glinyeu, the head of the local field unit for assistance.

Given the task of helping track one of the flights under threat, former field operative Daphne McBride is on board when the plane is hijacked by a pack of werewolves and taken to a private island where the passengers are to be hunted for sport.

Determined to find her missing girlfriend before time runs out, Trust agent Catherine Jordan joins forces with Brigadier Levine and his team in an attempt to mount a rescue mission.


***Contains Graphic Sex, Strong Language and Adult Situations. Not for young readers***
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***#NerdGirlKelly’s  Review***

 The Trust is a society that monitors paranormals and they are watching werewolves due to some half eaten corpses left behind. Turns out that werewolves are hijacking people and sending them out to be hunted by the werewolves. The only thing is, they are off the grid and almost impossible to find. One of the Trust was on this plane. And we see a lot of different personalities collide and come together due to the stressful situations that they are all handed. We see people love and break.

The book was confusing at times and hard to follow in spots. There are a lot of characters and each one has their own issues or drama going on. You only get glimpses of what is going on with each person and then it jumps to the next. It is hard to keep track of everyone and what side they are on.

However, it is fast paced, action packed, racy and gory. It has everything a reader is looking for. I enjoyed this story better than the first. 4 stars. Great read.


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    Thanks for the review…I think this book might be to confusing for me

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