So way back before there was a Nerd Girl Official and I was just reading all these indy authors, Madison Daniel was one of my favorites.  I had a handful of favorites, Cambria Hebert, Nelly Cab, Bella Roccaforte, Sarra Cannon and Madison Daniel!  They inspired me to promote their books. I talked about them at every book convention I went to and to every bookie I met at the bookstores.  They inspired me to create Nerd Girl.  If I look to the left side of my bed where my book corner is, I have awesome signed swag framed from his Ember’s Series and a Mini of Bright Eyes. (NOTE TO SELF ~ I need to update my book collection so that I have the new covers.  Yes Yes I am that type of book nerd that has all the different covers of their favorite books)

I really need to go back and re-read all my favorite indy author’s books again (selfishly I may take a break to do just that), INCLUDING Madison’s as I never did write reviews for them!  If you haven’t read anything from Madison, please take a peak at this installment of Nerd Girl’s Indy Author Talk as we get a preview of his upcoming trilogy, THE BLEED SERIES!  I am personally drooling blood over here!!  Sigh!!  #NeedMoreChapters  

Hurry Up Madison!!  #GimmeGimme

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Indy Author Talk


Greetings and salutations!!!

Let me start by saying I am honored and humbled to be a part of the Nerd Girl experience. I have met so many amazing and wonderful peeps through this community! Being asked to take part in your Indy Author Talk is very exciting. So, I hope I can return the favor…

How would you like a peek at my upcoming trilogy, THE BLEED SERIES?

What is THE BLEED SERIES? My take on the whole vampire mythos. More specifically, the FIRST vampire…Neve. She is sexy, smart, and wicked. She is the key to the world’s biggest secret, and the door to its possible oblivion. But all she wants is to find her one true love, the boy she spent her whole life dreaming of. The heavens will shake. The world will bleed. And Neve will be unleashed on this Earth.

Book One: TEMPTATION WAITS, will be releasing summer of 2015!!!

Take a look at the opening chapter…


Thank you!!! ~ Mads



by Madison Daniel


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San Francisco, California

“She’ll never stop.”

“I know,” the man swallowed hard.

“She’ll kill us all,” she added, robotically.

“I’m aware of that, Doctor,” he snapped, as the first ounce of fear began to weigh on him. The doctor wiped fresh tears from the slits of her terrified eyes.

I could hear them, taste them, see them…feel them.

A thunderous force crashed against the large walls of the security complex. Thick gray clouds rolled in carrying torrents of rain and wind. This night the storm would be my companion, my natural security alarm. My warning. White fire scratched and scraped down the sky, scarring the roof and walls. Rain fell like a dark, cold blanket. The security complex’s emergency sirens wailed with my arrival, but were drowned out by the sheer velocity of the surrounding storm. I calmly inhaled the fresh rush of rain soaked air into my lungs while the splashes of lightning took pictures of my new face. Flash after flash, the heavenly light painted me, holding my haunting gaze.

I had fought my way into this main lobby of the secret building. The outer shell of this deadly complex was decorated with thick, bulletproof window panes. Each one shiny black to hide the atrocities that had taken place behind its stunning facade, for years. More explosions of lightning peppered the windows of the outer shell, filling them with the same blinding bright light. The light show paralyzed the pair of betrayers inside their crumbling sanctuary. I stood tall and still outside the large security door listening to their racing heartbeats. My skinned covered itself in prickly bumps from the excitement of my new powers. My eyes pulled closed as my cheek settled against the icy steel of the door.

From outside their locked room I filled with wild laughter. The man’s shoulders knotted in distress. The doctor’s face tightened. Patiently collecting my strength from outside of their office room, I could sense the fear in their voices. I could smell it on both of their lips, even hidden away inside their self-made tomb. How was that possible? Because the prophecies were right. The warnings were ignored. My new powers were growing with every breath I took. I was awake now. Awake and alive.

I wasn’t always like this. I used to be quite shy, completely reserved. A girl who preferred playing in the fields of wild flowers back home. A young woman who once practiced daydreaming instead of the many different versions of violence that engulfed me now. I used to be happy. I used to be sweet. Not now. Not anymore. The lying pair behind these walls did this to me…created me, if you will.

It was time. I wanted answers. I wanted the truth. I wanted my revenge. But, most of all, I wanted to save the boy in my dreams. The beautiful young man that made my pulse quicken, and shared my nighttime dreamscapes since I was a newborn baby. The one true friend I had on this earth. My true aim of this terrible night. My salvation.

With violent passion, I waited…

“What do we do?” the doctor asked, in her quietest tone.

“We wait,” the man spoke, methodically. A wide smile curled along my lips from behind my red curls of hair. More lightning scratched through the night, carrying with it the vibrations of its call.

“Shhhhh…” I whispered, toward the sky.

As if on cue the windows around the complex shattered everywhere, spilling shards of dark glass, and fat raindrops onto the ground. Beads of water decorated my body, drenching me in a matter of seconds. Slithering raindrops traced the outlines of my wild curls finding their way upon my shoulders and chest. Suddenly, dozens of racing slits made of white fire carved through the black sky, roaring above me. Clouds swelled with darkness, charging the air with freezing truth. In a blink of an eye a single bolt of lightning ignited my surroundings in a feverish eruption of fire. Redemption caressed me as the weather mimicked my ferocious attitude. I had journeyed forever, and I had brought Hell with me.

It had only taken me and my new superhero body a few minutes to tear through the first couple waves of armed guards and defensive teams. Their diced and bloodied corpses littered the inner interior of this massive complex. Quickly, the thrum of rain drowned out their fading cries and last breaths. Their useless weapons scattered along the floor. Knives, taser guns, grenades, automatic rifles, most of them never even fired.

With a gulp of oxygen I steadied myself and pushed one of my palms against the cold metal barrier in front of me. With another breath, I let go.

“Easy, Neve…” I warned myself.

Energy flowed through my body, escaping my hand and fingertips. The invisible pulse slammed outward, growing stronger with every second. Three-feet of vibrating steel began to bend and creak. As its will began to surrender to my telekinetic force, the outlining walls splintered and cracked with ease. The door’s supports and reinforced hinges wilted, making me giggle again with evil delight. Raindrops ricocheted off the glistening steel, and I pushed my powers even harder. Red light peeked through the dusty cracks smothered by thin trails of smoke and ash. The building inferno behind me grew angry from the falling storm and pushed back with all its fiery will. Chunks of black smoke rolled along the floor and walls. It begged to enter the sanctuary as I ripped it open wider. Inside the man and woman screamed.

I held my breath as the burning smoke clawed its way past me and through the broken door. Its crackling blackness climbed up the inner walls and vaulted ceiling of the secret room. Behind my eyes I could feel their heartbeats almost stop. Both the man and the woman could almost sense the real me, the monster they had created. I pushed at the last remains of the door and the woman doctor bellowed until her voice cracked.

“No more hiding!” I cackled.

“All right, no more hiding,” the man whimpered. From his gloved hand, the man clicked a simple green button on a small remote, and the failing security door gasped with jets of steam from all four corners. It stuttered to open normally, and I gave it a final shove with my hand to help it along. As I did, it fell away, leaving nothing but my outline, and the fading emergency sirens disappearing in the distance. My physical strength was growing every minute.

“You win,” the tired man said.

I stood awash in the fading light of the calming storm, and curtain of fire over my shoulders. The flames danced and crackled from behind my long, tense frame. Slowly, I removed my weapon from its holster with my free hand. I let the bones in my neck pop as I did. The two targets remained frozen in place. I embraced their wide eyed stares, letting them accept my new, impossible features. On bare feet I stood strong, angry, beautiful, and impatient.

“Neve?” the woman in the long, white lab coat gasped. Her dark hair was pulled back in a tight ponytail. Her face camouflaged by her large black-rimmed glasses. My glowing emerald eyes locked onto her, sliding through her doubt. She gawked at me horrified as if I was a sideshow freak. It made me angrier in an instant. I stepped forward but as I did, my bare feet splintered a mess of broken mirrored glass on the floor. The shards revealed just how much my physical being had changed. It was the first time I had actually stopped long enough to see what all the fuss was about.

My arms and legs were longer now, and as strong as iron. Daringly smooth, with defined muscles carved into them that seemed to tighten with the slightest of movement. They were barely covered by the worn seams of my shredded dress. My torso throbbed with new strength under the dirtied linen. My hips were round and inviting, giving me the hourglass of the most deadly of predators. They balanced a tight stomach and arching back, both lean and centered. My breasts were ridiculous now. Their voluptuousness barely fitting inside my torn and tattered clothing, as if I had been poured into my outfit.

I used to be tall and skinny, with the hint of my womanhood just around the corner. But now, I was on another level. I was easily over six-feet tall in my bare feet, and in superhero shape. Attached atop my enticing chest was a long porcelain neck, where full pouting lips and high cheekbones awaited those who dared to find them. My eyes were alive with jeweled temptation, deep green and luminous. And then there was my hair…my wild and untamed bundle of curls. Crimson red, and threatening to burn even brighter. The sexy tangles fell past my shoulders and halfway down my back. Throughout the maze of curls were glistening highlights that resembled diamonds. They twinkled like stars spinning inside my twisting inferno.

“Holy shit…” The realization of my outward appearance was making it hard for me to breath. With a slow exhale my eyes wandered back to my battle-scarred attire. My birthday dress. It clung to me, stained by the miles I had travelled. My precious birthday present. I had waited so long to wear it…too long. Now, shredded and peppered in my victims DNA, it resembled a mural of violence and bullets. Painted by my vengeance.

Suddenly, I became aware of my blood soaked hands, and that my left fist was still clutching a piece of my last unfortunate victim. A still warm head severed just below the chin stared blankly up at the doctor from my grasp. Blood still trickled from the cut, pooling on the floor by my feet.

“Neve, my darling…you’ve finally come home,” the man finally said, with a hint of arrogance. It snapped me from my dazed daydream.

“Father,” I smiled.

“I know why you are here. I don’t suppose there is any chance of changing your mind,” he hinted with a quick glance at his watch. A small smirk followed, fueling a fresh burst of hate.

I shuttered and dropped the head to the ground. One of its eyeballs squished into a puddle on the tiled floor. Eagerly, I removed a long, curved sword from behind my back. It twisted inside my hand, shining with a brilliant gleam of light across its surface. Father recognized my weapon, instantly. After all, he was the one who had given it to me. The steel blade slowly lowered to the floor, its tip cutting through the mix of water and blood. It softly rippled the surface as light raindrops sprinkled along its shining bend. More blood trailed down its sharp steel as my legs tightened with anticipation, flexing gently.

“Father, where is he?” I asked in a demand.

“He’s here.” He nodded over his shoulder. “He’s safe.”

“Don’t fuck with me!”

“Calm down…he really is safe,” Father said, nervously. A long moment passed as I was unsure whether to believe him or not. Just then, the doctor shuffled her feet as she tried to position herself behind my so-called father. He ignored her and concentrated on me, calm and quietly. My burning eyes followed the doctor’s movements closely. I didn’t like her one bit.

“Where?” I asked, with a step forward. My voice had also started to change. It slipped from my lips echoing within the room with the enticing tone of a serenading bird. Hearing it excited me a little. What had they released upon this world? Father nodded his head in agreement, and began to take a small step forward.

“Wait. No, you can’t, Professor!” the doctor cried out, regretting her outburst as soon as she had done it. I could sense her growing fear behind my eyes. With a quick shake of my wild curls, raindrops flew all around me, and I swiftly brought my blade to attention. The doctor began to shake as my glare locked onto her from behind the sword. Thunder rumbled overhead.

“Shut up, Dr. Madison!” Father warned in desperation.

She ignored his threat, “It’s forbidden! You know that, Professor. If you let her near him…” Dr. Madison slapped a shaking hand over her mouth, regretting her decision, immediately. My stare scolded her, intensely.

“I understand, Doctor,” he said, giving in. His eyes met mine, pleading with me to calm down. I lowered my glistening weapon not trusting either of them.

“Please, Father, no more lies,” I insisted.

“Okay,” he nodded, politely. “No more death,” he said, softly.

I looked over my shoulder at the devastation that lay behind me, and eased my stance a bit. I was never this aggressive before my change. Father had taught me in the ways of war, and self defense. Taught me almost every way to defend myself. But, he also instilled in me kindness, honesty, and patience.

“I’ll try.”

Reluctantly, I slid my katana sword along my back and made my way over to my fake father. Dr. Madison positioned herself as far away from me as she could. Her absolute fear was everywhere. I could actually taste it on my tongue.

“Professor, this is a mistake!” Dr. Madison whimpered from behind him. My eyes cut into the insubordinate doctor, her face falling pale like a ghost. I wanted her to know her place, know my anger. This didn’t concern her anymore. With a push of my will, the doctor fell backwards against the nearby wall. As she crumbled to the floor Father placed a calming hand on my shoulder.

“Enough,” he whispered. I let Dr. Madison free of my mental choke hold, and she curled into a ball on the floor, in tears.

“Come on, Neve, let’s get you cleaned up. You have a big date ahead,” he said, cheerfully. I stood like a statue, hesitant of anything that came out of his mouth. This was too easy. A blanket of confusion wrapped itself around me, and I felt like a scared little girl again. I wanted to scream.

“Okay,” I said.

“After all, you’ve waited your whole life for this moment,” Father said, with a hint of uncertainty. It settled my inner fears and distrust. “Isn’t that right?”

“Yes,” I sighed. Waited wasn’t the right word though. I had dreamt of this moment every night of my life. Finding him. Meeting him…

Saving him.

One hot shower, and three costume changes later, I was finally ready. A sheer, ivory dress with tiny straps and old fashioned beading was my final choice. It fit snugly to my new and ever-changing body, and accentuated my legs unbelievably. I strutted in front of the long bathroom mirror one last time, still amazed by my centerfold curves. I felt like a poem.

“I’m ready,” I called out, before stepping into the cold, dimly lit room. Father and Dr. Madison looked on with nervous stares. I tried my best to ignore them. This was my journey’s end. This was my night, our night. The thought of seeing him gave me wings. My palms were wet with sweat, and my eyes alive with fire.

“Dr. Madison, it is time,” Father said, with a half smile. She looked down at her watch and then my face. A little smirk curled along my cherry stained lips. She shivered, glancing back toward Father again. He nodded to the doctor that it was safe to proceed. Dr. Madison stole another peek at her watch, and then pulled a thin, silver keycard from her pocket. I walked closer to her, filling her with a faint tremor.

“It’s all right, Doctor…give me the key,” Father ordered, politely. Butterflies erupted inside my belly, spinning their way up my throat. My six-foot plus frame quivered inside my fancy high-heels.

Handing the key to my father, Dr. Madison asked softly, “Are you sure?”

“We have to trust that everything is going to be okay. We have to put faith in Neve to do the right thing…” a thick puff of air escaped his mouth. Faith in me? What the hell was he talking about? Inhaling the cool moisture in the air, I prepared myself.

Father stepped up to a dark and unassuming blank wall. He placed a palm on a certain spot and pushed slightly. Suddenly, a panel slid open, revealing a futuristic scanner. With a quick swipe of the keycard across the sensor, the outline of an invisible door appeared. Yellowish blue light revealed the large shape of the door before it pulled open in a silent retreat. I found Father’s eyes for assurance, though I wasn’t sure why. Force of habit, I suppose.

“Go ahead, Neve.”

The room was warm and smelled like summertime. Sweet, inviting, and if I closed my eyes, I could feel the rays of the sun on my face. Now that the door was completely open, there wasn’t much light, only a large antique looking lamp that hung over an oversized desk. It was covered in a thousand sheets of paper. All with different painted and sketched images in every artistic style and technique. The scent of old paints and inks quickly overwhelmed me. I felt like I was back in my room, dreaming away.

Suddenly, a shadow came alive from the back of the room. It slid across the floor, floating silently toward me. This moving dream quickly revealed to me its true shape. His true shape. The tall, thin outline of a young man. Messy black hair fluttered in front of soft blue eyes with silver specks of shining light spinning inside of them. His diamond stare watched me with the intensity of a suicide. My heart broke at the sight of how perfect his features were.

With a flip of his bangs, he gently pulled a pair of earbuds from the sides of his face. Soothing music pulsated from the miniature speakers. The sounds serenaded every trembling beat inside my chest. Goose bumps came alive, reflecting my new fleshy hourglass to the entire room.

“Neve?” the strange, yet familiar young man asked, in little more than a whisper. Holy crap, even his voice was captivating. I was paralyzed.

“Yes, it’s her. It’s Neve,” Father said. His words crashed over me like a tidal wave of truth. A fresh quake settled itself along my spine, and my cool pale skin stood up again, reaching for the mysterious young man. A burst of heat seemed to pulse from my pores, carrying with it the sweet smell of flowers after the rain. Almost like I had a natural perfume. Not only did I look inviting, I smelled inviting too. Swiftly, the young man stepped closer with one hand loosely clutching his chest through a thin gray T-Shirt.

“She’s so beautiful…” he whispered over his shoulder, directly toward my Father. His eyes met mine again, and I began to cry, uncontrollably.

“Is it really you?” I gasped, quietly. He nodded, yes.

“Ash,” I trembled.

Author Bio

Music is LIFE and the written word is our SOUL.

Music and writing have been my true ambition since I was a child. I have used music in every form possible; writing it, performing it, healing with it, etc. I call it my “life’s soundtrack.” I have always written in some form; from comic books to screenplays to short stories and now the new series “Ember.” I have found a true passion for my stories and characters and am eager to share them with the world.

See you on the next book tour…M.D.

Author Q&A

Q.  When and why did you begin writing? What inspired you to write your first book?

MADS: Why? Boredom, a dead-end job, my iPhone, and an overactive imagination. When and what? It was the summer of 2008 and a my company I worked for was slowly going under and there was literally nothing to do at work. So, I read books and listened to music to past the time. One morning an Oasis song came onto my playlist and filled my daydreaming head with an image. It was of a young couple. A tortured young man was holding onto the hand of a broken and beautiful girl who was dangling from a cliff. The world was on fire and collapsing around them but all that mattered was their love for one another. I quickly grabbed a pen and paper and jotted down the scene. Afterward, I took a moment and reread the paragraph over and over. Suddenly, I started writing and two weeks later I had the first draft written on book one in the Ember Series. It just poured out of me. I’ve never looked back since.

Q.  What book(s) / author(s) have influenced your life and writing?

MADS: Stephen King was my biggest influence, but I am a child of 80’s movies and cartoons, and a HUGE comic book nerd…so, those are probably my biggest influences. Mix that with my musically romantic heart and you’ve got a recipe for Madison Daniel!!! Boom!!!

Q.  Tell us about your characters and how they came to be?  Have they been in your head for a long time?  

MADS: My characters haunt me. I crush on them, completely. Some have been around forever, others have emerged as complete surprises. My Ember Series characters are made up of pieces of myself, experiences straight from my life, people that I’ve shared the most amazing moments with, and the fairytale dreams of the most physically beautiful people (EYE CANDY). Music also helped shape each of them. As for my newer characters like LUCAS RYAN, well, he came to me in a dream and was a total surprise. I used to draw quite a bit and originally wanted to be a comic book artist, so I have boxes full of designs of characters and story lines.

Q.  What motivates you to write?  

MADS: My need to create. It’s always there. Whether it’s playing and writing music, or singing that song that makes me cry, or painting or sketching. I am RULED by art, in all its forms. Basically, I write because I know no other way to exist.

Q.  What is the hardest part of writing?

MADS: Finding time for all the stories in my head. I never experience writers block. I experience the opposite, too much to write. Ha. I do wrestle with doubt every now and again, but music usually pulls me through those dark patches.

Q.  Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it?

MADS: That my fans/readers/stalkers are the best. THE. BEST. The fact that I can actually type that answer blows my mind. My words have touched people. Makes my head spin…in a good way. Ha.

Q.  Where do you get your ideas?  

MADS: My dreams. I remember the most vivid ones and write them down in a small notebook when I wake up. Also, music is a huge influence. And like I said before, I have piles of old comic book stories to pull from.

Q.  What does your family think of your writing?  

MADS: They’re supportive and surprised at the same time. They can be the harshest of critics though. Actually, if it wasn’t for family, I would have never self published my first book, Ember, back in 2008. My niece read the first version of the story and pushed me to publish it. She was like 14 or 15 at the time. That’s why she gets a special thank you in the back of the book. Ember Series burned bright because of the love of family and friends.

Q.  What is the best advice you would give to inspiring authors?  

MADS: Believe in your words. Trust the story that’s inside of you. Don’t write to get rich, just write. AND, hurry up, I want to read the next amazing manuscript out there!!!

Q.  What book(s) are you reading now?

MADS: Stephen King’s DOCTOR SLEEP!!! Loving it!!!

Thank you again for having me! Please keep supporting all the Indie arts. You are the BEST!!! Until we meet again, Nerd Girl… Peace and light!!! ~ Mads

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