Indebted: A Sin from Ashes (Indebted Series) by Khai L. Bayne (Review by Cassandra – #NerdGirlLola)


Title: Indebted: A Sin from Ashes (Indebted Series)

Author:  Khai L. Bayne

Published Date: April 30th 2014

Genre: Paranormal Erotic Mystery


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Indebted: A Sin from Ashes:

This story is NOT your standard Happily Ever After. It contains various supernatural beings, scenes of extreme violence, elements of the BDSM lifestyle, group sex, dubious consent, revenge, unrequited love, and a LOT of profanity. It is not for the Prudish, Squeamish, or Those easily offended by a woman who owns her sexuality. If you plan on bitching about ANYTHING that I have just mentioned or other elements of my fucked up imagination. Do us all a favor and just… Don’t! I’m not Willie Wonka so I definitely don’t sugar coat shit!


Theodore calls the last person in the world he knew would willingly help him, Artisyn. The beautiful seductress from his past. Her foul mouth and brazen attitude, had always drawn him to her, but because of their tumultuous past, and not so amicable parting he had to force her hand by calling in his claim on the vow she made to repay him. His past transgressions are called into action as he tries to right previous wrongs.

After two years of self-imposed exile, Ex-Special Operative Artisyn Daniels receives a phone call from the last person in the world that she wants to hear from. Theodore Mezzanetti and he was summoning her to return.
Tensions run high as she is thrust in with a team of Theodore’s men, who are to help her assimilate back into the world of espionage, sex, and BDSM, to help find the person responsible for killing women in an abusive and sadistic manner. Her animosity towards the vampire runs deep, but she owes him, and he wants to collect. Her goal… Repay her debt, then cut all ties to her past life, once and for all. Will she be able to trust Theodore to keep his word?

Using her old friends, acquaintances, and newly acquired team of supernatural men, to try to track down the killer as they race against the clock to stop the person responsible for the deaths of so many woman, before he strikes again. Emotions run high, as feelings develop, truths are revealed, and a dark secret comes to light.


***Contains Graphic Sex, Strong Language and Adult Situations. Not for young readers***
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***Cassandra – #NerdGirlLola’s  Review***

 OH MY GOD!!! This book is the s**t!!! I am in love with this book!!! I’m so used to reading books where the dominant is a guy, but Artisyn is so bad ass, I really couldn’t see her as a sub. She commands such a presence; I’m not surprised that pretty much all of the men in the book are willing to lick her boots.

This book really blew me away and not just because Artisyn is the “Queen of all Dommes”. The story is really intriguing and sucks the reader in. With just the right mix of suspense, hot scenes, and violence I was glued to my Kindle.

The characters are awesome (my favorite is Artisyn, if you couldn’t tell) but I will tell you that I loathe Theodore, you’ll find out why but I just can’t stand him. The book really just played like a movie in my head. The characters and the story were just that vivid. The author does a great job of bringing the reader in to her “fucked up imagination”.

Overall this is an excellent read. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone (over 18 of course) but just remember her disclaimer.

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    Oh my!!! I really need to read this, I’m loving the fact that a woman is in control :)

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