Beasthood (The Hidden Blood Series) by A.Z. Green (Review by Misty – #NerdGirlShadow)


Title: Beasthood (The Hidden Blood Series)

Author: A.Z. Green

Published Date: May 22nd 2013

Genre: Paranormal


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The bloody, raw meat was tantalizing her; calling to her. She hated it and yearned for it all at once.
Stop, she ordered. What are you doing?!
So hungryyyyy, snarled a primal voice deep within her.
Don’t you dare! she screamed back.
But the primal hunger ignored her pleas and took over her body, forcing her rational voice deep within the crevices of her mind.

What would you do if you discovered you weren’t human? That you turned into a bloodthirsty monster against your will?
What if your instincts, emotions and desires were torn between your own and the dark, dangerous animal lurking inside of you?
If it could make you yearn for someone you shouldn’t, make you say and act in ways you wouldn’t and overwhelm your whole existence?
If everything you’d ever known about your life was a lie?

In a world where a deeply hidden community is swathed in mystery, deadly secrets, betrayal and murder, Jaz Barker struggles to fight against the dangerous Beast within her and the emotions and desires it thrusts her way.

When tensions ride high and people she cares about are put in danger, she will have to decide how much of her newly awakened animal-side she’s willing to let in.

And if it is worth the risk…


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***Misty – #NerdGirlShadow’s Review***
 I really liked this story line, although it took a while to get into the story. Green did a great job developing characters, but it almost took too long for me. I have to say, though, most of the books I think are action packed and great, get reviews that say they moved too fast. So, it goes without saying that you can’t please all the people all the time. However, I loved that it wasn’t your “usual” werewolf tale. This novel thoroughly covered werewolf lore and history, which I LOVED. I also enjoyed that it took place in England, which I’m not sure why, but it resonated with me. By the middle of the book, the story picks up the pace and quickly ensures that the reader will want to know what happens next.
The imagery is was fantastic. I could clearly picture every scene as if I were there. The author is definitely creative and I thoroughly enjoyed the different ideas on werewolves. I loved the idea the author had for the wolves living in a commune. I enjoyed the main character, although she could come across as overly feisty at times. And I am IN love with the alpha. 
I became a bit confused a few places as to why certain things were taking place, so the clarity of the story leaves a bit to be desired. With lots of flash forwards, flashbacks and foreshadowing, you really have to concentrate on the story in front of you to not get confused. Definitely don’t put the book down in the middle of one of these scenes. But, I did like how the plot moved along after the middle of the book and kept you guessing on what was going to happen next.
As a huge fan of the cliffhanger, so this book delivered that to me on a silver platter. *Applause* It may not have been my favorite read, but there is a lot of potential here. And as a true werewolf fan, I will read the next one just to see how things turned out.


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