The Road To Ascendance by M.A. Smith (Review by Derek – #NerdGirlDad)

 Road to

Title: The Road To Ascendance

Author:  M.A. Smith

Published Date: June 22nd 2011

Genre:  Fantasy


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On May 2nd, 1999, a massive F5 tornado ripped through the small delta town of Cleveland, Mississippi. Hardest hit was the campus of Delta State University, where the top two floors of one of the dormitories was completely ripped away. Thirty six bodies were never found.

This is the story of those who were taken by the Maelstrom… and survived!

Growing up in the racially volatile flatlands of the Mississippi River basin, Michael Descado has been forced to fight his entire life. With his stoic and contrastingly noble brother Eric by his side, young adulthood finds Michael in his fourth year of college at Delta State University, where his frequent brawling has made him part of the local folklore. One night after a fraternity party melee, Michael’s dormitory is struck by a massive tornado, ripping the building apart and carrying its occupants to a strange and otherworldly realm of monsters and magic.

The ensuing adventure yokes them with saga heroes and nightmare foes, themes of morality, religion, self-sacrifice, and the value of sentient life permeating each choice, each conflict, each miracle. In the end, Michael will hold the fate of a new world in one hand, and the fates of his most beloved in the other.


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***Derek – #NerdGirlDad’s  Review***
I have read many books where a group of people are transported somehow (how varies from book to book) to either a parallel universe or just a different world.
This is such a story, but one of the best, with a particularly credible ‘transport’ to their new world, or in this case island.
The story kept my interest to the end and readers will quickly identify with the Descado brothers, a practically invincible pair. This is really their story, rather than that of the five survivors.
If, like most fantasy fans, you are able to suspend belief in the present world and just go with the story you are in for treat. The plot twists, the : character development and descriptions are all excellent what more could you want?


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  • Sarah Bird

    Sweet !

  • Michelle Mauer

    What a great review, but I’m not convinced that this book is for me

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