Angel of Darkness by Tyler May (ARC Review by Katie, #NerdGirlKtLBLy)

 Angel of Darkness

Title: Angel of Darkness 

Author: Tyler May

Published Date: Expected November 22nd 2014

Genre:  Paranormal male/male erotic romance


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***Contains Graphic Sex, Strong Language and Adult Situations. Not for young readers***
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*** Katie –  #NerdGirlKtLBLy Review***

  A vampire and a human falling in love is nothing new so unless you have something unique to offer and have good twists, it may not get the recognition it deserves. Thankfully this book has both. Angel of Darkness is about a 21 year old man named Christian who works as a tour guide in a vampire tourist show. When Christian was young, he and his parents were in a car accident where his parents unfortunately didn’t make it but Christian did with a few scratches. No one knew how he made it out and Christian was too weak to remember what happened that night. As he grew up in foster homes he started to love, read, and watched anything that deals with vampires and even though he doesn’t believe in them, he still likes to enjoy them. One day his boss, Zander, invites him over to his house for supper and Christian obliges and goes. He’s always been attracted to Zander and even though Zander is only 10 years older than him, he never figured he had a shot with him. During dinner Zander explains how he was at the accident scene and helped get Christian out of the car. He says that he’s been watching him for a while (ironically because he happens to be blind.) He also explains that he is a vampire and Christian is his soul mate. At first Christian doesn’t believe him but after Zander shows him his fangs and explains the vampire rules he slowly starts to believe and understand. Zander tells him that no matter what he will never hurt him, will always care, protect, and make sure that Christian is happy. Christian wants to start a relationship but Zander tells him to leave and think about it to make sure it’s something he really wants. After thinking about the pros and cons of dating a vampire he says they can try. Their relationship starts off good, until one instance at a vampire club where Christian sees something he shouldn’t. After calming down, Zander wants to protect Christian by breaking up with him so he will never have to see the bad parts of the vampire world. But Christian has to try to convince Zander that he’s still all in and won’t be scared away. If he wants to be with Zander, he will have to learn that a vampire’s world is going to have its good points and bad. But something even more sinister is out there hunting and killing vampires and will stop at nothing to try to tear Zander and Christian apart.
This book is so good! It has funny moments, sweet moment, sad moments, hot crazy scenes, and a shocking kick ass ending. The characters seemed like real genuine people who cared and loved each other so much. You learn about the vampire world as Christian learns and feel whatever he’s feeling whether it be confusion, happiness, or sadness. The story draws you in and you really don’t want to put it down for anything. If you’re looking for a hot and enjoyable vampire book than I’d highly recommend this.

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