The Perfect Wave by A.J. Pryor (Review by Kristin – #NerdGirlSoldier)

The Perfect Wave

Title: The Perfect Wave

Author: A.J. Pryor

Published Date: August 29th 2014

Genre: Romance


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Things are heating up in A.J. Pryor’s seductive new novel, The Perfect Wave.

Jessica Baker, the twenty-six-year-old daughter of a Texas oil tycoon, likes to have the upper hand. She enjoys the freedom that comes with wealth and sails through life on her terms.

Until the day she meets Roan Anders: sexy surfer, extreme sports agent, and verifiable playboy.

He is the one man who has the power to anchor her heart or break it wide open.

Both try to deny the intense chemistry flowing between them and embark on a friendship that is destined to get complicated. Lust and desire ignite their feelings from a slow burn into a raging fire, and what started out as platonic, quickly flares into something impossible to contain.

Jessica soon learns that being born into a life of luxury can’t protect her from heartache when a woman from Roan’s past surfaces with allegations that turn Jessica’s world upside down.

Is Roan capable of commitment? Will Jessica’s family accept the man she’s chosen? Can their love survive the rocky waters they’ve suddenly encountered? Find out in this sexy and emotional story that explores how one’s past can change the course of one’s life forever.


***Contains Graphic Sex, Strong Language and Adult Situations. Not for young readers***
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***Kristin – #NerdGirlSoldier’s  Review***

 Jessica Baker is just like any other female when it comes to Roan Anders: she wants him. But he constantly rejects her. Because of his rejection, she starts to ignore him and try to avoid him altogether. That changes when one day he asks if she’s got a new dish to try on him. Jess agrees to cook for him under one condition: he teaches her to surf. Thus begins the start of their friendship. As they grow closer, they develop feelings but neither wants to acknowledge them for fear of being hurt. Roan has a secret that he’s only told one person, his best friend. When that secret catches up with him, will Jess stay with him or will he loose her forever?

I love that Jess is a strong independent woman. She’s rich beyond belief but she doesn’t flaunt it or use it to get what she wants. Jess does her own thing regardless of her mother’s wishes. I enjoyed watching her grow throughout the book.

Roan is incredible. He works hard but he plays hard too. I enjoyed reading not only from Jessica’s point of view, but from Roan’s as well. You learn a lot about why he hides his feelings about Jessica and what those feelings mean to him. He had a very rough childhood but he doesn’t let it bring him down or make him bitter. While Jessica does grow throughout the book, Roan grows much more. I think having him grow more than Jess was a great move on the author’s part and worked well with the story.

The only problem I have is that Roan’s ex-girlfriend is just thrown into the story without much information about what happened between them until the end. You don’t learn why she goes crazy or how she finds out that Roan is in town (he takes a trip to Fiji where she lives but for business, and it’s like pop, here she is.). I would have liked to see more backstory to help better understand Roan.

All in all it was a very good read, and in fact I bought the other book in this series, Wall of Trust, to read in my spare time. I hope you pick up a copy today and fall in love with Roan!

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    Sounds to me that either of these characters are hard to say no too. I have it on my TBR list

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