Kinetic: Book One of The Kinetic Trilogy by C.M. Zimmer (Review by Katie – #KtLBLy)


Title: Kinetic: Book One of The Kinetic Trilogy

Author: C.M. Zimmer

Published Date:

Genre:  New Teen & Young Adult Paranormal Romance


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***New Teen & Young Adult Paranormal Romance***

Book One of The Kinetic Trilogy

Becoming a vessel for fallen angels to find redemption and return to heaven wasn’t something Kattlynn Matthews saw in her future. However, Fate definitely did.
Now she is fighting for her life and those closest to her, including Chase Karson, her perfect boyfriend…perfect soulmate.
While some want to use her for her abilities, there are others that just want her dead.
But even if she can save those she loves, will it end this battle and who will she lose along the way?


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***Katie – #NerdGirlKtLBLy’s Review***

  Kinetic was a very fast and enjoyable read. It starts out with Kattlynn’s 18th birthday being in a few days and she and her friends are just trying to figure out what they want to do to celebrate it. One day a new boy, named Chase Karson, and his family have moved to her town and she knows him right away. She has been having dreams for a while where she and a boy she believes to be Chase have been getting to know each other and seemed to have also kissed sometimes because she wakes up with flushed cheeks and swollen lips. He tells her that he is her guardian and her perfect match. He also tells her that her he is the boy from her dreams and the dreams have actually
happened and they were always meant to be with one another. The romance was a little rushed but it was so sweet how they interacted that you could really feel that they truly loved each other.
Kattlynn always thought her mother died a few years earlier in a car accident, but Chase and his family think that may not have been the case. She learns that her mother was actually Artemis, the Angel and Goddess of Light. They think some bad Angels called “The Delphian’s” had a part of her supposed death and are now after Kattlynn. Now Kattlynn, Chase and their friends have to work together to stop the “Delphian’s” once and for all and not everyone may make it to the end.

The reason I gave it three stars is because, where I liked the story, it just needed a little more information. It seemed just a little too rushed and fast and I wish it was a little bit longer in explaining more. It seems that some of the characters just popped up without any sort of backstory to them. Also it would be better if some of the abilities could be broadened. Like Chase and Kattlynn can talk to each other with their minds and she can block her mind sometimes, but there was no mention of how she could do it, it was just done. Overall though I enjoyed the characters, they were all very likeable, and there was one shocking moment towards that end, without giving away spoilers, I was kind of saddened about. But I am interested in seeing where this series goes.


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