Heiress of Magic (Heiress of the Seven Cities) by Sonya Lano (Review by Derek – #NerdGirlDad)

 Heiress of Magic

Title: Heiress of Magic (Heiress of the Seven Cities)

Author:  Sonya Lano

Published Date:September 2014

Genre: Romantic Fantasy / Paranormal Romance


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Genre: romantic fantasy

In the city of mages, a guild slave dances, magical stars drifting from her hair that whisper secret persuasions into the minds of those watching. Every evening she writes down her memories before a shadow in the night takes them. This is where the division begins.

For centuries, the walls of the Seven Demesnes have protected men from weirs and shadow-hungry alike. But those eager for the walls to come down are ready to strike, and those who must defend them stand divided. Guild plots against ruler. Mage plots against mage. The powerful vanish. The weak are enslaved. The survivors keep secrets.

When a mage is murdered, blame is thrown – on the wrong person. Lines are drawn – in the wrong places. Unions are made – with the wrong allies.

And when the enemy strikes, not one is prepared.


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***Derek – #NerdGirlDad’s  Review***
This is, in one sense a book of two paranormal romances for the price of one, either of which would rate five stars.
The character of the book name, The Heiress of Magic, Essence, is fascinating as all through her very long drawn out romance with Elixir she is sure that he is not all he seems but is drawn to him anyway. Nothing in this world is straightforward, so the other one is a triangle, Lyseum, Loren and Lothram. These romances are just the icing on a cake made up of a tale as outlined in the synopsis that will keep you turning the pages (over five hundred of them but you will not notice the length.) Essence and her colleagues have far more important things to occupy them than their love lives, their world and way of life are in danger and any friend may turn out to be an enemy. The battle scenes are well described, fast and furious as they should be, and the love scenes are paced, correctly, much slower. I could find no fault. Even the length was necessary to tell this story. Although this is part of a series, it is complete in itself and can be read and enjoyed as a ‘stand-alone.’


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