The Trust Casefiles (The Trust Casefiles #1) by Lee Cushing (Review by #NerdGirlKelly)

 Trust Casefiles

Title: The Trust Casefiles (The Trust Casefiles #1)

Author:  Lee Cushing

Published Date: November 2013

Genre: Horror / Thriller


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The Trust – A secret organization comprised of thousands of independent field units fighting an eternal war against demonic forces that prey on the innocent.

One such unit is led by Alexandra Glinyeu, a Voodoo Priestess. Her top operatives are former vigilantes, Forrest King and Catherine Jordan – two people who have discovered that the demons they fight could be anyone – friend, lover or family.

This collection of their exploits include Catherine facing the prospect of potential lifelong happiness with a new love when she helps the head of a Trust library whose former girlfriend has returned as a blood sucking Nelapsi, an unidentified flesh-eating creature stalking an isolated community living on a small island, an American television star under sentence of death and an ancient evil returning from beyond the grave.


***Contains Graphic Sex, Strong Language and Adult Situations. Not for young readers***
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***#NerdGirlKelly’s  Review***

 So many twists and turns! This is centered around “The Trust” which is an organization that investigates the paranormal. However, this is not the vampire story we all know. As if vampires aren’t already dark and twisted, but these are so much more. This is more of a collection of stories of the The Trust. The author takes you in many directions with these case files and brings you back to a central group of people who are fighting these strange and dangerous groups of vampires. It is an intriguing story but can be hard to follow at times. At times while reading this I would really get into the chapter but then it just stops and goes into anther case file. It would eventually come back around. I felt there were holes in parts of the story and that it could have flowed a little better. You are thrown into a world with a lot of different characters. Some are insignificant but others you need to pay attention to as they appear in other case files. At times it is hard to keep track of the different characters. Overall this is a great story with a different take on the vampire community and the people who help continue to keep the human race safe.

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