Wasted (Whiskey Nights #1) by Suzannah Daniels (Review by Catherine – #NerdGirlCat)


Title: Wasted (Whiskey Nights #1)

Author: Suzannah Daniels

Published Date: October 7th 2014

Genre:  New Adult Contemporary Romance


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WASTED is a new adult, contemporary romance recommended for adult readers due to mature content.

It all started with sex on the beach…the drink, not…you know.

As a bartender, Mason Cambridge often charmed beautiful women who ordered up cocktails on his shift. It was part of his job after all, and he needed the tips—badly.

When Lexi Swafford plopped her pretty little tail down on the bar stool, Mason offered her a drink. He had no idea that he would soon be working with her or that he’d be letting her room with him until her new apartment was ready.

In fact, once Lexi Swafford landed in Creekview, Tennessee, life as Mason Cambridge knew it would cease to exist…because after a night of drinking away the agony of his loneliness, one touch from her would change everything.


***Contains Graphic Sex, Strong Language and Adult Situations. Not for young readers***
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***Catherine – #NerdGirlCat’s  Review***

 This was my first book by this author and I’ll definitely be looking for more of her work.

Mason works as a bartender. He’s a ladies man and is a love them and leave them kind of guy. He’s has some major issues from his past. He doesn’t let anyone in, but there’s something about Lexi that draws him in. He’s afraid that she will walk away when he tells his story. Lexi is his new co-worker and is also looking for a place to stay. They think being roommates will work out. Neither one has had luck in the relationship department, so they feel living together and not fall for each other is the best idea. There are some twist and turns sounding see coming, how will this end?

This is a well written story and I loved the characters. It kept me turning the pages because I couldn’t wait to see what happened next. There are some wonderful laugh out loud moments and emotional moments. I’m looking forward to the next book in the series.


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