Maybe, Misery by C. S. Bailey (Review by Derek – #NerdGirlDad)

Maybe Misery

Title: Maybe, Misery 

Author: C. S. Bailey

Published Date: July 25th 2014

Genre: Thriller / Romance


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Maybe, Misery is the début novel by author C.S. Bailey.

It follows the life of genetic researcher Talon. His childhood marred by tragedy, the escapades of his twenties and finding the love of his life.

As Talon grows, so does his wealth and desire to cure the big C… Cancer.

Unfortunately for Talon, a series of events change his life for the worst leaving him a hollow empty husk, whose only care is greed.

Blinded by his ego, he fails to see his own shortcomings which could end up costing all of humanity.

Friends quickly become enemies and our anti-hero finds himself on the path for redemption; whether he deserves it or not.


***Contains Graphic Sex, Strong Language and Adult Situations. Not for young readers***
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***Derek – #NerdGirlDad’s  Review***

 This would have been five stars but for some reason the author decided not to tell the story in chronological order. One has to make a note of the date at the start of each chapter and you then read what amounts to a diary written, naturally in the first person, that will give the happenings on a particular date, sometimes referring to someone who died in a previous entry. Whilst the author is clever to not confuse the dates and events – what is the point?
I could not see one advantage of this method of telling what is, basically, a good yarn. The central character is not one you would want as a friend, nor would you identify with him when reading his diary. Whilst there is no doubt that he is extremely clever, he is also, whilst not a misogynist, a  man with no respect for the female of the species, though he very obviously has a high sex drive.  He is obsessed with finding a cure for all types of cancer and his approach to that I found interesting.
This is a debut novel and shows great ability. It will be interesting to read the second in the series. In my opinion you must read them in order, and I recommend that you do.

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  • Tina Strysick

    This sounds like a great book! Can’t wait to read it!

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    Oh I’ve got this on my kindle :)

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