Those Who Die Young by Michael McDuffee (Review by Amanda – #NerdGirlWitch)

 Those Who Die Young

Title: Those Who Die Young 

Author: Michael McDuffee

Published Date: August 7th 2013

Genre: Fantasy


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Erica Miller led a simple and often brutal life in her brother’s household until she was told to go to Maen and deliver a letter to the Viscount. On the road, a fortunate encounter with Lear Tanner, an outcast wizard of the legendary Collegium at Ratio, saves her life and changes her world forever. Together, they accidentally release Fortis Perditor, the most dangerous wizard in the Collegium’s thousand-year history, and are stuck with the job of setting things right. To do that, Lear and Erica will have to avoid assassins, sniff out betrayal, and figure out exactly whose side they ought to be on before the whole world goes back to war.

Join Erica and Lear as they are stuck between an ancient warrior and the immortal wizards of the Collegium, who will do anything to avoid rejoining the ranks of Those Who Die Young.


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***Amanda – #NerdGirlWitch’s Review***
This was a amazing story! Michael McDuffee keeps you on your toes throughout this enchanted tale with many many witty and fantastical twists, turns and heartstopping adventure! I found myself wondering what mischief the characters where going to get into next and what weird and amazing things they would do to get themselves out of it…lol

I really loved Lear he was my all time favourite character! he was so kind, wonderful and creative. He respected everyone no matter how annoying and gave anyone the anything they needed. He was one of the kindest souls I have ever read about, who still knew how to kick some bad guys butt when the occasion calls for it…lol…no matter the cost to himself.

Michael McDuffee is a fantastic writer and really makes you feel like your a part of the story, like you have a connection with its characters and that there could really be something as truly magical out there. I couldn’t get enough of his story and I would definitely read more!

If you are a big fan of magical realms or are just looking for a book with magic and adventure this is a book for you! make sure to get your copy today!


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