To Speak of It Again by Dina Redmon (Review by #NerdGirlJulie)

to speak

Title: To Speak of It Again

Author: Dina Redmon

Published Date: June 2nd 2014

Genre: Fiction


1 star

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To Speak of it Again chronicles Maggie Reed’s journey from birth to self realization. Travel with Maggie as she holds on for dear life through the roller coaster ride of emotions on her search for unconditional love. Maggie faces challenges at every turn. Branded as an outcast, will she overcome them or simply give in to her surroundings? This novel promises to not only tug at your heartstrings but bring tears to your eyes. Grab a box of tissues and prepare to be moved.


*** Not for young readers – Some Sex and Drug Use By Minors***
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***#NerdGirlJulie’s  Review***

 To Speak of It Again is a chronicle of a young woman’s life from childhood to the present.  She starts off in a blue-collar household with loving parents whose personalities drastically, and for no apparent reason, change after they move to their home state of Minnesota. These personality changes impact Maggie greatly as her parents no longer seem interested in taking care of both of their children.  Maggie moves from one bad foster care situation to a worse one.  Maggie, the main character, seems to sabotage every situation she is in, and as she becomes an adult her bad choices continue with more extreme consequences.

The story is told in a chatty, familiar way as if the reader is at a coffee klache with a neighbor who cannot endure one nanosecond of silence and must fill the air with endless chatter.  Maggie’s tale, from abusive parents to horrible foster care system to extremely bad relationship and personal choices, is overwhelming in its negativity.  It would inspire any decent person to consider becoming a foster parent.  I cannot say that it moved me to tears.  The plot of the story is more like a timeline of events in Maggie’s life.  Most people Maggie encounters become antagonists.  Sadly, Maggie does not seem to learn from or own her choices/mistakes.  While she does grow as a person, one has to wonder who she could have become if she had a better, more stable and loving upbringing.  The ending, for me, was not a HEA, an overwhelming epiphany or blossoming, but an acceptance of what is and an acceptance that she (Maggie) was probably in the best position she had or would be in her life.

For some readers this will be a moving tear-jerker but it was not a book that I enjoyed.

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