The Pleasure Diaries: Two Hearts in One (Pleasure Diaries #2) by Georgina Sand (Review by Gladys – #NerdGirlOfficial)


Title: The Pleasure Diaries: Two Hearts in One (Pleasure Diaries #2)

Author: Georgina Sand

Published Date: March 10th 2014

Genre: Historical Erotic Romance


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The Pleasure Diaries: Two Hearts in One

Scarlett Bottom has been fired from her old job and agrees to work for the sophisticated, handsome Tony Galante, although she’s not quite sure exactly what services she’ll be providing. Tony takes her to a speakeasy to discuss her new position, and she reveals her own secret skills when the speakeasy is raided and she stops at nothing to escape.

Later, Tony takes her to his mansion on the North Side, and she discovers many things about him that she can’t explain…and neither will he. But her most important discovery is the mesmerizing erotic hold he seems to have over her, one that makes her exchange her hard-won independence for dizzying, unforgettable pleasure.

The Pleasure Diaries: Two Hearts in One (Part 2) is a ~17,500 word erotic romance for those who prefer lush, compellingly erotic stories packed with suspense, sizzling sensuality, and a hot, masterful bad boy who knows exactly how to please the woman he loves.

The Pleasure Diaries – The Series
The Pleasure Diaries is an erotic romance series that explores a no-holds-barred love affair between a feisty, hot-headed woman and the mysterious man who loves her but is bound by honor, duty, and the secrets of his past. A hedonistic speakeasy in old Chicago, familial expectations, an ancient enemy, dark riddles, and scorching, unrestrained passion plunge the reader ever deeper into a fast-paced story filled with surprises.


***Contains Graphic Sex, Strong Language and Adult Situations. Not for young readers***
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***Gladys – #NerdGirlOfficial’s Review***

 The story picked up right where it stopped, Scarlet still flushed red from the act of “making um love” with her childhood crush, Tony. Her then former boss, Louie, of 5 minutes ago was giving her a peacock dress to put on so she can celebrate the New Year at the private speakeasy in old Chicago. What is she doing? She doesn’t know, but she will figure it out. In the process she plans on finding her runaway sister, find her mother’s jewels that her sister stole and make sure to have Tony fall in love with her.

Georgina remained true to her 5 star rating in the second part of the Pleasure Diaries. The period speak remained the same, and the flow of the characters continued to thrill me. The character development grew exponentially. Scarlett was still as feisty as she was when she was a young girl and Tony maintained his inner strength. In fact we learned of a fancy new skill Scarlett had and a mystery that Tony had (which left me questioning the author.) Again even thought Georgina classified the novelette as erotic romance, it was not over the top like her other books. It was a nice pace.

We were introduced to a new character and that was his Uncle, the older Galante. He was “spoken about” previously but Scarlett was actually introduced to him in this novelette. Interesting Indeed!

I shall continue with this wonderful historical erotic romance! I enjoyed it thoroughly and anyone who loves the roaring 20’s would as well! Georgina I tip my Nerd Girl hat to you and if I had my dancing shoes on I would do the Charlston for you!



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