The Brothers of Blue Fire by Michael Allan (Review by Derek – #NerdGirlDad)


Title: The Brothers of Blue Fire

Author: Michael Allan

Published Date: July 19th 2014

Genre: Dark Fantasy


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The Ota’ren brothers haven’t seen each other much in the last two years. Nazar is being prepped to inherit the throne, Sarec is traveling the world, Damon joined the army, and Zeke has become a religious recluse. When they do meet, conversations turn to arguments and resentments abound.

But when Sarec goes missing in a dangerous land, the others must set aside their lives, and their issues, to bring home one of their own… Discovering something sinister along the way.


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***Derek – #NerdGirlDad’s  Review***
Imagine  a world similar to Earth in the days of Robin Hood with countries governed by Royal families and with most of the population worshiping the same God. Unfortunately just as that statement is true of Christianity as in Ireland or Islam with its divided sects of Muslims they have two diametrically opposed groups that they would refer to as separate religions.
Also many of the people are able to perform magic; not in the usual sense of magic but more like the Jedi from Star Wars using ‘the force’. Sarec is one such practitioner and the Blue Flame of the title is what he can conjure, using it to burn what he wishes. Alternatively he can use the force to strengthen his muscles or to heal.
This gives you  the knowledge you need to enjoy a well written adventure tale with credible characters and I look forward to reading further adventures either of the brothers or at least in the same world.


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