Mirror Shattered (Mirrors book 2) by K.G. Stutts (Review by Derek – NerdGirlDad)


Title: Mirror Shattered (Mirrors book 2)

Author: K.G. Stutts

Published Date: August 9th 2014

Genre:  Sci Fi


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Two years after the events in Mirror Image, the team learn news which breaks one of their own. Before they could recover, they are on a mission to negotiate peace on another world. On their way back to Earth, the group learns the ISC is no more. In fact, it never existed. An alien species long thought dead, the Synth, has gone back in time to kill Charlie Westlake before he would create the Intergalactic Security Commission. With the help of the Isgurds, the team travels back to 1965 to save Charlie.

If you had the power to change the past, knowing it will alter your future, would you take the risk?

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***Derek – #NerdGirlDad’s Review***

This is not just a follow up to Mirror Image; it’s more and better. The characters from the first book are there, but more developed, especially Maddie and Mack, and it has a believable plot. The action sequences are just as good and the one or two new characters fit in well. I usually can anticipate plot surprizes but this had two I didn’t see coming (and no, I won’t give them away, just say that they work well.) I assure you that you will still be turning pages to see what happens next right up to the last one.
I will be very surprized if anyone reads both ‘Mirror Image’ and ‘Mirror Shattered’ and doesn’t go on to read the last in the trilogy, ‘Mirror Reformed’. This is due to be published early in 2015 and I will be amongst the first to read it!

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