Chosen Angels by Kathryn Tracy (Review by Amanda – #NerdGirlWitch)

Chosen Angels

Title: Chosen Angels

Author: Kathryn Tracy

Published Date: March 25th 2013



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I was about to leave when I saw it out of the corner of my eye. It was a large leather bound manuscript. It looked ancient. My hand began to tingle as I took it in my hand. On the cover it said simply, “Chosen.” As soon as I opened to the first page, I felt as if I were falling, floating, nothing solid. My name is Emma Carter, but soon the world would know me by a different name. A name that was as ancient as the book I held in my hand. What happened next would change my life forever.


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***Amanda – #Nerd Girl Witch’s  Review***

 This was a great book! I loved the characters and the storyline was great! I had a hard time following the flow from time to time as it switched parts and the characters and the story progressed quickly at fist but I got into the story and it wasn’t long before I couldn’t put the book down.

I thought the back story was a little complex and somewhat hard to follow as well as the changing of scenes from on second to the next. I did enjoy the fights, the different creatures and of course the amazing cast of characters.

Kathryn Tracy defiantly has a brilliant imagination as you can clearly see it displayed throughout the book. I am curious to see what happens next as this one leaves off in a cliff hanger!

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  • Sarah Bird

    You had me up until cliffhanger. I’m not really a fan. Unless I have the full series. Then I can like eat between books and read on!

    • Amanda Masters

      I know what you mean sometimes it is so hard to wait for the next one! but I read so many books that it helps fill that time up quickly.

      • Sarah Bird

        So do you re-read the book(s) before reading the new one?

        • Amanda Masters

          lol…sometimes I have to depending on how long its been since I have read the previous ones but mostly no I can usually just get back into the swing of the story by going back over what I have written about it and say oh ya that was the story that was about such and such! I can’t wait to read more!…lol…if it has been too long then I will read the series over again.

          I read very fast so I can do it even faster if I have already read the series if I want to or need to but love to linger over my favourite series as well. There is nothing better then books! and you can often find me re-reading my favourites over and over…lol

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