The Professor (Becoming Jane #1) by (Review by Kristin – #NerdGirlSoldier)

 Becoming Jane

Title: The Professor (Becoming Jane #1)

Author: Alexis Adare

Published Date: May 6th 2014

Genre: Erotic Romance


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When college student Jane Claremont meets visiting Professor of English, Dr. Thomas Grayson, the attraction between them is immediate and intense. There’s nothing Jane wants more than to break through his shell to unleash the alpha sex-god she can sense he’s got hiding inside that buttoned up British exterior. But teacher/student relationships are strictly taboo at the University, any contact between them could ruin his career, and put more scrutiny on her private life than she wants. Working as a stripper and burlesque dancer has paid her way through school, and while she’s damn good at her job, she’s not interested in being the latest gossip on campus. But her secret sexy identity proves useful where the Professor is concerned, and Jane puts all her powers of persuasion into seducing him. 

Thomas Grayson doesn’t need any more drama in his life. He left England to escape complications not to court disaster. Falling for a student definitely qualifies as a disaster, there’s no way he’s going to give into temptation. But Jane Claremont is proving irresistible, their chemistry is electric and unrelenting, and the harder he resists the more their worlds start to collide. ==========================================================
“No barriers, no uncertainty. When next I touch you, I want nothing to come between us.” 

Dr. Thomas Grayson is the hottest guy I’ve ever seen. Six-foot-something of lean muscle, sparkling blue eyes, and British charm that just doesn’t quit. I find him irresistible. And whenever we meet, the look in his eyes tells me the attraction is definitely mutual. There’s just one barrier to what feels like an inevitable, and smoking-hot, hook-up: He’s a visiting Professor at my University, where student/teacher relationships are strictly taboo. 

It’s a good thing, then, that I’m not scared of taboos. In fact I embrace them. I’ve paid my way through college dancing at Clouds, Maryville, Maine’s hottest Gentlemen’s Club. I’m one of the club’s top earners, due in part to my special talent for seduction. I know what gets under a man’s skin, and I’m determined to use my assets to get to the Professor. 

I had caught a glimpse of the alpha sex-god that lives behind that reserved exterior, and by God I wanted more. But just when I thought we were really heating up, something changed and he backed off. Way off. Guarded and remote, he made it clear there was more that stood between us than I realized. 

Then one night he walked in to my club, and I got one more chance. But with just one dance to seduce the Professor, I was going to have to go further than I ever had before. Who knew you could feel so naked with all your clothes on? 

Becoming Jane #1 The Professor is 25,000 words. It’s the first book in the Becoming Jane series, the ongoing adventures of Jane Claremont, new adult, recent college graduate and striptease dancer. The series is intended for readers 18+, due to steamy sexual scenes and adult language.(less)


***Contains Graphic Sex, Strong Language and Adult Situations. Not for young readers***
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***Kristin -#NerdGirlSoldier’s  Review***

  I enjoyed this book more than I thought I would. Jane is a funny character and she tries so hard to get under Thomas’s skin. Something I love about her is that she isn’t afraid to be who she is. Her only flaw for me is that she at times come across too strong. Thomas is incredibly hot as can turn you on just by talking. He tried to resist Jane but in the end it looks like they end up together.

The story is hysterical. The interaction they have with each other is perfect. They give back to each other what they both dish out, and there were times I thought I’d combust from the foreplay. The story flows well. The plot could have been a little more developed because at the end you’re left wondering what issues Thomas has to work through and what job offer Jane may get. I personally don’t like short books because they leave a lot unanswered and while I enjoyed this story, I would have preferred it to be longer and more developed. The end of the book just stops and it gives no clue about what comes next.


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