Ardent Ascension (Rise Of The Ardent, #2) by Bridget Ladd (Review by Lauren – #NerdGirlSphinx)


Title: Ardent Ascension (Rise Of The Ardent, #2)

Author: Bridget Ladd

Published Date: July 18th 2014

Genre: YA / Steam Punk


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Enter into a world of hidden cities, airships, monstrous creatures, and love. Can Lily save a world of people whom she’s never known to exist? 

Her life and her home has all been a lie, but one thing has always remained constant—her partner, her friend, her love, Xander. 

Together, with old and new allies, they must face an evil that has plagued the earth and use their skills honed in the Barrage to battle the foretold destiny of the destroyer of humanity—Lily herself. 

Everyone has an inner demon. Lily’s, however, could be the end for all. And like many who can choose between good or evil, Lily has two choices: become The Ardent, the world’s greatest hope, or follow a different, much darker path. A path of an unspoken name whispered in the shielded minds of druids and Ardents of ancient past. A path that will save the earth, but ultimately destroy humanity. 

A path of Gaia-riftre—the Earth Reaper. 

When faced with hopeless odds, what side will she choose?


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***Lauren – #NerdGirlSphinx’s Review***

 I absolutely loved the second installment to this series.  The action was back, and packed a punch.  The romance was stronger, and Bridget Ladd wrote it beautifully.  I really enjoyed learning more about Xander.  There were also some amazing new characters with varying personalities that was fun to read about.  I love that even secondary characters have so much depth to them.

I think my favorite part was getting to explore a completely new world to the one built in The Lotus Effect.  One of my favorite aspects of this series is Ladd’s ability to build the most amazing worlds.  When you read about them, it’s in technicolor.  You get to travel to these beautiful and terrifying places, and when you read about them you do not see words, you see landscapes.

Ladd also writes impeccable battles.  I do not say fight scenes, but battle scenes.  They are so descriptive.  You go through the thought process of how Lily will handle a situation, but it doesn’t slow anything down.  You feel as though it’s happening in real time.

I love Love Ladd’s writing style, her quick wit, and her snark.  I cannot wait to see how she closes out this wonderful series!

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