The Seer’s Tower (Ellenessia’s Curse #2) by Fran Jacobs (Review by Derek – #NerdGirlDad)


Title: The Seer’s Tower (Ellenessia’s Curse #2)

Author: Fran Jacobs 

Published Date: July 2012

Genre: Fantasy


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Prince Candale has discovered the truth about himself at last. He is the Shadow Seer, foretold prophet of dark visions and fallen kingdoms. The witch Mayrilla tried to teach him control, but now she lies dead, struck down by Candale’s own hand, and the ever-watching shadow has begun to talk.

It wants him to go the kingdom of Idryan, to the Seer’s Tower, and tells him that what he will learn there will change everything. It promises rewards, if he obeys, but punishment if he does not.

But is it the voice of the demon, Ellenessia, that talks to him, a voice to be obeyed, or just the beginnings of Candale’s prophecised descent into madness?
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***Derek – #NerdGirlDad’s  Review***

 This is much less action filled read than the first in the series, with events unfolding slowly. I thought that Prince Candale was just beginning to get a backbone in Book One, then he is back to his old ways in this one. Also this could not be read as a ‘stand alone’ and ends with a cliff hanger to get us to read the third in the ‘Curse of Ellenessia’  These things together prompt me to only give it four stars. It is still a very good fantasy tale, just not up to the standard I expected. There is plenty of action, a good plot, but you just have to live with a wishy-washy hero in Prince Candale.

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