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Georgina and her alter ego’s have been a huge presence in the Nerd Girl world the last few months.  She has gifted tons of eBooks to our fans both as Georgina Sands and as Clyde Edwards (one of her alter egos).  I have even bathed with her.  lol..  Nothing dirty people.  She gave the core group of Nerd Girls a body scrub as a thank you gift and of course I read her books while soaking in the bathtub.  Mmmmmmm…  She writes yummy stories.  Both UBER EROTICA like the Billionaires New Assistant to my favorite HISTORICAL ROMANTICA Pleasure Diaries.  I do love Scarlett Bottom.

I can’t wait to read more about Scarlett and her mysterious lover as I have read the first two in the series (Review for Introducing Scarlett Bottom can be found on my page) and am truly intrigued.  I have emailed her after every other chapter to shake my fist at her.  LOL…  I also plan on reviewing her Billionaires New Assistant 1-6 bundle and Seduced in Paris from her Hardcore Hotel Series, so keep an eye out for that shortly!  I do recommend them for my erotica fans!  Keep an electric fan handy because you will need it!  #BigCheesyAsianGrin

I love her alpha males so when she told me about GAMMA MALES,  I kinda tilted my head sideways and a big question mark popped up above my head.  Do you know what a gamma male is??  Well if you do or don’t I suggest you read on anyway because I enjoy how this little lady writes!  I hope you enjoy this week’s installment of Nerd Girl’s Indy Author Talk!

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*****Indy Author Talk with Georgina Sands ~ Gamma Males*****

Alpha males.  Beta males.  If you’ve read a romance, you’ve most likely run up against the rough, possessive kiss of a dominant alpha, or spent hours in in bed making love with a sensitive beta.  They define the romance genre and are one of the main reasons we pick up a romance novel in the first place.

You probably have a favorite, too.  I tend to like the alphas—the James Bonds of the romance world.  They’re tough and confident, they have big muscles you just love running your palms over, and they know how to make a girl’s sex drive rev up in the red.  They have primitive appeal that the woman in you just can’t deny.

The betas have their allure too.  They’re intelligent, emotional, and more sensitive to your needs: This kind of guy might invite you to join him in a candlelit bath…and then whip out a waterproof vibrator.

And yet, both of these archetypes have their downfalls.  The alpha man might blow your mind in bed, but will he stay around after the fireworks fade away?  Probably not.  While your primitive mind says yes, I want him, your more rational side is telling you he isn’t your ideal mate.

And the beta…well, he can be a little timid, a little less willing to go for it. He may force you to make the first move, and getting him into bed can be a little problematic.  Attitude like that isn’t very attractive, sexually, for most women; so while he might stay around, who wants him, in the first place?  Rationally, all is good, but your primitive side says blech.

So…what about that new type of male, the gamma male?  Where do gamma men fall in that behavioral spectrum?  And are they any better than alphas and betas?

Kevin Cosner
I’ve seen a lot of definitions of gamma males recently.  It seems that this archetype continues to develop in the collective consciousness.  Still, most commonly, gammas are described as falling somewhere in the middle between alphas and betas.  A gamma male isn’t beating his chest, slinging a gun around and wearing combat fatigues like Rambo.  Nor is he the 40-Year-Old Virgin, a nice guy who’s still trying to get laid for the first time, one who wants to truly understand women and who puts a priority on listening and sympathizing.

No, the gamma male is in a place between alphas and betas.  He may have started out as an alpha as a kid, but then toned down those alpha antics as he grew older and became more socially conscious.   Or, he might have been a beta boy who finally “grew a pair” and started fighting back rather than shrinking away.

Whatever the case, he attracts both your primitive and rational mind.  He doesn’t lead the pack, or follow it—he simply has nothing to do with the pack at all.  He satisfies his own needs, but is also aware of your needs and makes a point of satisfying them, too.   He’s also his own man, confident in his looks and his own self-worth.  That kind of confidence is extremely sexy, and yet, with this guy, we get the sense that he’s going to stay around for as long as we want him to.

He’s Kevin Costner in Bull Durham, he’s Leonardo DiCaprio in The Great Gastby, he’s a romantic who will kiss your tears away, paint your toenails bright red, and then blow your mind in bed.  He’s a nice guy who doesn’t finish last–he finishes best.

Thank you, wonderful Nerd Girl ladies, for allowing me to blog on your site.

*****Short Bio*****

Author Tracy Fobes has published award-winning rich paranormal romances with both Simon & Schuster and Leisure LoveSpell.

As Georgina Sand, she goes in a different direction and pens hot erotic romances that often have a paranormal twist, too.

Clyde Edwards is her horror alter ego…he’s they guy who writes blood and guts, and is determined to raise a few goosebumps on your arms.

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*****Q&A with Georgina Sands*****


Q. When and why did you begin writing? What inspired you to write your first book?

I’ve always been writing in one form or another.  I remember writing my first short story in the 6th grade, getting an “A” on the assignment and then having everyone in my family read it.  I began writing full-length novels in the mid-1990’s and published my first novel, Touch Not the Cat, with Simon & Schuster in 1998.  I’d had the basic idea for Touch Not the Cat in my head for a long time, but the movie Rob Roy starring Liam Neeson helped me flesh out the idea and finally bring it to life.

Q. What book(s) / author(s) have influenced your life and writing?

The biggest influences on my writing are horror authors Stephen King and Dean Koontz, along with a bunch of writers who penned the first historical romance novels and defined the need for a happily-ever-after ending: Kathleen Woodiwiss,  Shirlee Busbee, Laurie McBain, Jude Deveraux, Beatrice Small.  Also, Laura Kinsale has had a big impact on my writing–she is an amazing writer!

Q. Tell us about your characters and how they came to be?  Have they been in your head for a long time?  My characters pretty much come out of the woodwork and they develop as I’m writing the story.  If they’ve been in my head, I’m not aware of it.  Sometimes I’m influenced by actors.  The hero of the story I’m working on right now, Jake Gallent, was inspired by a personal ad that I happened to stumble across, placed by a guy who had to be a gamma male.

Q. What motivates you to write?

When I write, and I’m having a good day, I get into a state of flow.  Being in that state of flow is an amazing and wonderful feeling.  It’s very fulfilling and energizing.  I guess I’m hooked on it.

Q. What is the hardest part of writing?

The hardest part of writing is forcing yourself to write when the words just won’t come.  It can really be torturous.  At that point, I usually bring out the candles, pour myself a glass of wine and just get through it.

Q. Did you learn anything from writing the Pleasure Diaries and what was it?

Writing as Georgina Sand, I’ve learned a lot of interesting things about sex.  I have several books now that I keep under lock and key, and a few toys that are fairly ridiculous but also good for a laugh.

Q. Where do you get your ideas?

Most of my ideas come to me when I’m traveling in a new place and checking the area out.  For example, the idea for Clyde Edward’s The Stowaway came to me as I was sitting in a cave in Jamaica, and I heard the sea rolling in and out beneath the cave like a great, breathing behemoth.   I wrote Seduced in Paris while sitting on a balcony attached to an apartment in Paris that I’d rented for the week.

Q. What does your family think of your writing?

My family thinks it’s pretty cool.  We get our share of laughs out of it, too.

Q. What is the best advice you would give to inspiring authors?

The best advice for any author is to write, write, write.  Get into the habit of writing every day, no matter how hard it is.  As you write, you’re practicing your craft.  The more you practice, the better you get.  As Malcolm Gladwell mentions in his book Outliers, you have to practice any skill at least 10,000 hours before you can master it.

Q. What book are you reading now?

At the moment, I’m reading Dean Koontz’s new release, The City.


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