Victory Run 1 (The Story of Victory Payne #1) by Devon Hartford (Review by Amanda – #NerdGirlWitch)


Title: Victory Run 1 (The Story of Victory Payne #1)

Author:  Devon Hartford

Published Date: June 6th 2014

Genre:  New Adult Rocker Romance


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VICTORY RUN 1 is part one of a serialized novel. 

There’s only one rule in Rock & Roll: Don’t sleep with anyone in the band.

Victory Payne is the hottest lead guitar player on the night club scene of Hollywood’s infamous Sunset Strip. With nothing but her car and her guitar, she’s ready to claw her way to success. Victory never gives up.

Then she breaks rock’s cardinal rule. She falls in love with her lead singer, the gorgeous and brooding Scott Walker. That is mistake number one.

Mistake number two is a roadblock named Kellan Burns. Kellan is primed to claim the title of hottest lead guitar player in Los Angeles with his rugged good looks and his own guitar slung as low as his tight jeans. Kellan isn’t the kind of guy to let some upstart babe with a six string stand in his way.

Victory Payne, meet Kellan Burns.
Ladies, you will need a fire extinguisher for this one.


***Contains Graphic Sex, Strong Language and Adult Situations. Not for young readers***
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***Amanda – #NerdGirlWitch’s  Review***

Amazing start to the story! Devon Hartford really knows how to set the stage! Kellen and Victory heat things up in this short and jaw dropping performance that leaves us all hanging and scraping for more at the end.

I really enjoyed how Devon makes you feel as if you are right up on stage with Victory during her act, as how you can almost feel the lights and the crowd. I loved Kellen’s cocky and boyish attitude and of course his Hottness!

I liked that Victory was this rocker chick that could play like no one else but it didn’t make her self-centred or stupid. she had a edginess and a sass about her that I really liked. Kellen I am thinking has a lot of depth to him that he hides behind his playboy exterior, life has been way to easy for him thus far in the girls department and someone like Victory is just what he needs to shake up his life.

I hate that it ended so abruptly and I soooo can’t wait to read more!!!!

don’t wait to get your copy today!

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