The Shadow Seer (Ellenessia’s Curse #1) by Fran Jacobs (Review by Derek – #NerdGirlDad)


Title: The Shadow Seer (Ellenessia’s Curse #1)

Author: Fran Jacobs

Published Date: August 18th 2010

Genre: Fantasy


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For generations prophets have foreseen the birth of the Shadow Seer, the oracle of dark visions and fallen kingdoms. But by the time of Sorron, King of Carnia, their warnings have mostly been forgotten and his name is known only to a handful of scholars. When Sorron’s grandson, Prince Candale, falls deathly ill, the Seer’s legends are brought to light once again by his saviour, a witch named Mayrila. She believes that Candale is the fulfilment of those long forgotten prophecies. She believes that he is the Shadow Seer…


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***Derek – #NerdGirlDad’s  Review***
The adventure takes place in Carnia, and imaginary world where you quickly learn to accept magic, mages and witches as normal.
The story opens with Candale, nearly eighteen and a Royal Prince of the realm desperately ill, and having proved impossible to be cured by healers. You quickly realise that he is the ‘odd one out’ in the family and feel sorry for him. You soon learn that his mother is not the Queen, but Mayrila, a witch his grandfather the King  knew and paid. Myrila is called to the palace and, for more payment, cures Candale and we are observers as he learns of the legend that he may be the Shadow Seer. This is ridiculed by his parents but from then on he devotes every waking hour to looking into it, acquires friends and travelling companions to help him, a female bodyguard, Trellany, and a travelling bard Teveriel. Neither believes Candale but both are very loyal to him and are both great helps.
The story and the characters are developed at a rate easy to follow and can be read as a ‘stand-alone’.
However, whilst there is no cliff hanger to leave you frustrated it is obvious that there is much more to come and I, for one, look forward to reading about the further adventures of Candale and his friends.


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