How to Draw Anatomy for Comics by Stan Bendis Kutcher (Review by Gladys – #NerdGirlOfficial with help from Daughter Erys)

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Title: How to Draw Anatomy for Comics 

Author: Stan Bendis Kutcher

Published Date: August 29th 2013

Genre:  Instructional 8 – 18


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*Approximately 132 Full Colour Pages*
***Original Edition***

In “How to Draw Anatomy for Comics”, Stan Bendis Kutcher explains in easy to follow, step-by-step methods for applying the following towards anatomy and comics:

* which materials to use * drawing basic shapes * using perspective * using poses * the golden ratio
* how to draw the human body step-by-step (the eyes, nose, mouth, ears, neck, torso, arms, hands, legs and feet.)
* putting it all together * Much, MUCH more!

Chapter Overview:

Chapter 1 – Materials

Chapter 2 – The Basic Shapes

Chapter 3 – Perspective

Chapter 4 – Basic Human Anatomy

Chapter 5 – The Golden Ratio

Chapter 6 – In Detail

Chapter 7 – Putting It All Together

This introductory guide takes the reader from the basic first steps, right to the detailed trimmings of drawing comic anatomy. Practical and easy to follow, these pages will help you to unlock the comic artist just waiting to break free.


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***Gladys – #NerdGirlOfficial’s  Review***
(With Help From Daughter Erys)
As a comic book/graphic novel fan, I enjoyed hours of trying my hand at drawing and sketching the examples Stan had in his book.  I was able to enjoy the book with my daughter and we drew for a few nights before she and I could get the swing of the examples

My daughter, Erys, is 10 and we were drawing together so it’s a good way to bond with someone younger that is interested in drawing comics.  AND keep in mind it does show the basic human anatomy (nothing bad) but let’s keep in mind my daughter is 10 and she was mature enough to look at the images for what they are representing.  Kids who are interested in drawing and writing for the comic industry will have to learn the basics somewhere and this is a good place to start. Stan has shown them how to do that perfectly in his books.

My only issue with the book was that digitally it was very hard to view on a kindle fire.  You would need to use a computer or a larger tablet (I have an iPad2).  Other than that it was smooth sailing!   I loved the quality time I spent with the KID too!  :-)
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