Elysara (The Chronicles of Ardion Book 1) by S.F. Cunningham (Review by Derek – #NerdGirlDad)


Title: Elysara (The Chronicles of Ardion Book 1)

Author: S.F. Cunningham

Published Date: May 9th 2014

Genre: Fantasy


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 Discover the world of Ardion. 

Aidon is a mercenary wandering the frozen north, haunted by past sins and struggling to find purpose. Rumours of a nation in bondage beyond the Stone Range and their cruel masters, the Verg, hold little interest for him…until he witnesses a Verg delegation descending from the mountains with an emerald-eyed slave in their wake. 

The slave is female, and she calls Aidon by name – identifying herself as one of the fabled Elysari. Whether by magic or fate, the mercenary finds himself embarking upon grand adventure as he discovers the Elysari hold a powerful secret that will change the face of Ardion and spark rebellion, exodus and the clash of empires. 

Elysara is a gripping tale exploring themes of love, family, heroism, betrayal, despair and redemption. The narrative is imbued with a sense of escapist high adventure coupled with underlying substance while the page-turning urgency of events culminate in an unpredictable conclusion. 

This first stand-alone volume in an exciting new series, The Chronicles of Ardion, is accompanied by an original musical score (available now on Amazon), bringing cultures and characters to life beyond the printed page. 

View the musical score here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00L1Y8EUC

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***Derek – #NerdGirlDad’s  Review***
Anyone who loves or reads about the re-enactment of battles in olden days where a rifle had not yet been invented and all the action is swordplay, cavalry deployment and intrigue will really enjoy working their way through over four hundred pages of such descriptions. I personally would have preferred this being reduced to about one hundred pages (or less) and that is why only four stars.
Having said that I cannot fault the main yarn – describing the abilities of the Elisari, their (particularly one female) interaction with the hero Aidon and his friends and the general political situation (much overdue for correction) on the world of Ardon.
Once into it I quickly got into the habit of speed-reading the battle planning and descriptions and concentrated on the real underlying story. This was easy as the various important characters ‘came to life’ readily, such is the talent of the author.


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