To Speak of It Again by Dina Redmon (Review by Stephenee – #NerdGirlSteph)

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Title: To Speak of It Again

Author: Dina Redmon

Published Date: June 1st 2014

Genre: Women’ s Fiction


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To Speak of it Again chronicles Maggie Reed’s journey from birth to self realization. Travel with Maggie as she holds on for dear life through the roller coaster ride of emotions on her search for unconditional love. Maggie faces challenges at every turn. Branded as an outcast, will she overcome them or simply give in to her surroundings? This novel promises to not only tug at your heartstrings but bring tears to your eyes. Grab a box of tissues and prepare to be moved.


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***Stephenee – #NerdGirlSteph’s  Review***
This is not the first book that I have read by Dina Redmond, but it is very different from some of the books that I have read.  This book is more like spending a day with a friend and learning about them. It was more like a visit than a book and while it is so different from her other books, it is just as good.  I enjoyed learning about Maggie and her life. and that is what this book is. It is a journey through Maggie’s story from birth to the present.  It’s almost as if you are reading her diary or journal. The descriptions throughout the book make it so you can vividly imagine everything as it happens. As I was reading the book I felt anger, dismay, sadness, happiness and even thoughts of finding some of the people and telling them exactly how I felt about what they did to Maggie. The story makes you laugh, cry, yell, cheer and run through pretty much every emotion that you have. It was wonderfully written and throughout the book it mostly flowed. There were a few spots that I felt could have been shorter, and a few spots that I felt could use just a bit more details, but overall, I enjoyed the story from start to finish….or the spot where Maggie caught up to herself now.

I think that the author did an amazing job of making the reader feel as if they were there right along with Maggie.  I also feel as if all of the characters were easily pictured, liked and disliked when needed.  It was a journey that I was glad I took along with Maggie and her friends and I look forward to seeing where Maggie’s travels, adventures and road trips take her next.  This is a book that is best read when you are snuggled up with a cup of tea or coffee and you are ready to take an emotional journey right beside Maggie.  Add this to your TBR list and make sure you have time to spend with Maggie, because you won’t want to miss out on an amazing journey.


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