Wolf Running by Toni L.H. Boughton (Review by Misty – #NerdGirlShadow)


Title: Wolf Running

Author: Toni L.H. Boughton

Published Date: May 13th 2014

Genre:  Paranormal


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She is born as the world is dying.

A woman with no memory wakes to a nightmare. A strange new virus is sweeping the planet, killing millions.

And a vast majority of those that die come back as mindless creatures intent on devouring their prey – humans.

In this desolate new reality there is only one person she can trust; a fellow captive of the ravenous hordes. And when they get separated she will fight both the living and the dead to get back to her friend.

On her journey from the untamed mountains of Wyoming to a ruined city in Colorado, she must also fight with an unexpected foe: the wild wolf with which she shares her body and mind.

First of a planned trilogy
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***Misty – #NerdGirlShadow’s  Review***
 With the beginning scene set in picturesque Wyoming, one of my absolute favorite places, I immediately liked this book. The book takes place during the onset of a zombie apocalypse, but it is much more than what you would expect from a zombie thriller. The main character, Nowen, although hard for me to like at times, is well defined… except what the hell is she?! Regardless, I was totally into it. Two of my favorite genres were combined… zombies and anything with werewolves, or like I said, whatever she is. I did want to know, terribly, how to define her, but the mystery and intrigue kept me glued to the story.
The action was sufficient, but I did hope for more. I was hoping for some incredible fights and perhaps a gun battle, explosions, because that’s typical what I look for in these types of books. But don’t get me wrong. I was NOT disappointed.
The heroine eventually learns to work with the magical powers bestowed on her and survives in a situation that seems hopeless. While the “walking dead” rule the word, the reader is pulled to root for Nowen, as she battles, not only the undead, but the struggle inside herself.
Broughton’s writing was fantastic. It was the perfect mix of details, action and reflection. I saw very few errors and will be looking for more of her work.


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