DRAG.N by Eli Constant (Review by Kat – #NerdGirlParanormal)


Title: DRAG.N

Author: Eli Constant

Published Date: March 2013

Genre: Science Fiction / Fantasy / Dystopian


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DRAG.N your attention will bind (but within these pages, no dragons you’ll find). 

The DRAG.N units were invented to support the marriage of the Universal Health Initiative (UHI) and Green Nation. Their purpose: mass airborne vaccinations to ensure health for all U.S. citizens. The illogically expensive vaccines serve another purpose though. 

Laced with behavioral agents, the REP vaccine has created a docile, drugged, and receptive American populace. 

The anti-UHI activists are determined to takedown the DRAG.N and the corrupt healthcare system. Their planning has been meticulous, spanning nearly a year. Benton and Rachel Greer take the first steps towards raising the proverbial sword and slaying the DRAG.Ns. Will they succeed?

DRAG.N takes an imaginative look at the future of an America where human fundamental rights and freedoms are options rather than guarantees. This novelette chronicles three days in the lives of researchers, activists, a deceptive Presidential Cabinet, and a First Lady with secrets of her own. 

DRAG.N is a brief dystopian novelette, political semi-satire. Birthed during a whirlwind weekend competition, DRAG.N tells a year-long-story with a satisfying conclusion in the span of a few days. The two central themes: Truth will out and America should mean freedom. Without exception.


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***Kat – #NerdGirlParanormal’s  Review***
This is a Good Novella that captures a dystopian outlook that there by the grace of a good spin doctor and shady Politicians could actually be conceivable, I am all for a universal health care, I take it for granted the free vaccinations my children received in the UK, free health care etc.  Moving countries has made me realize the benefit the NHS has in a whole – even though the masses constantly complain! I now live in a country where some is free – others are not, but I still think I am lucky to have access to an affordable health care system.

Eli Constant has created characters that are quite well rounded for you to understand each of them, Gracie Phillips, the creator of DRAG.N. isn’t a complete Evil Inventor, in fact I felt quite sorry for her!  She did feel guilt in some form for the way her invention was used, she just lacked the back bone to stand up to her bosses… and in reality I am sure there are many who would do just like she did… and therefore she was a very believable character.

I also really liked the President’s wife – but I am not saying anymore, I am not going to give the plot away, but just say that this is a good short stand alone book with a story line that flows well.

I did think as I was 88% in how is this going to end? Will I be disappointed because we are just getting to the good bits and now its nearly finished.  But all in all the last 3 paragraphs were OK in rounding it off to a conclusion.

There may be those who will pull the author up for the “Science” used – but I FLUNKED CHEMISTRY so I just enjoyed the story for what it was… FICTION.

I would definitely recommend this book to all who love dystopian novels, and even those who haven’t tried this Genre.

Well Done Ms Constant, for a story which was initially written in 2 days its a really great concept.


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