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Twisted Desire - ecover

Find the girl. Trick the girl. Collect the reward. His plan was foolproof.

Strong, seductive and sexy as hell. Harley Gates is all those things. He’s a renowned PI who rides above the law, because he’s worth more to the cops on the front line than in a jail cell. When a new client puts him on the task of tracking down her boyfriend’s so-called mistress, the size of the pay check says he’s going to do it. The plan is foolproof. Find the girl. Trick the girl. Collect the reward.
Miss Aliah Brooklin is no fool. She’s as feisty as they come, provoking him with every lick of her lips. But Aliah isn’t ready to turn in her glass slippers just yet. Being once burned, twice shy, she’s careful to guard her heart. No man means no problems. She knows this. But this motorcycle man who calls himself Harley has her swooning like a fairy tale princess. She knows something’s not quite right with him, but their chemistry alone has her surrendering to his wiles.
Is Aliah doomed to a life without love? That’s what she keeps telling herself. But tattooed sexy sure throws a kink in her plans. When Harley’s investigation flips to a new mystery, a vicious twist will change everything.


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This story is Book #4 in The Twisted Series, the first one following Abby’s adventures in The Twisted Trilogy. It is a stand-alone, coming from the perspective of Abby’s best friend, Aliah Brooklin, and Aliah’s new man, Harley Gates.

Here’s an unedited teaser, to give you an idea of how Aliah and Harley’s relationship will go. Enjoy!!

Harley springs to his feet and pulls a gun from his pants, but he doesn’t aim it at anyone. Aliah jumps backward, with both her hands raised, like she’s a criminal.
Harley scans the perimeter with eyes of a hawk. “Get on the bike.”
She takes a second to scowl at him and then stomps back to his parked motorcycle. “Fine. But you can put the gun away. Are you trying to kill someone?”
“Aliah. I swear to God. I’m not going to say it again. Get on the bike. Now.”
“What an ass.” She takes the keys from his hand and starts it up.
When she looks back at him, he can see she’s not very happy that he still has his gun drawn. He hides it inside his jacket. But he’s not putting it away. It is for her own protection. And his. They’re surrounded. If they don’t get out of there fast, they’re both going to be laid out on the pavement, bathing in blood.
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