Heralds of the Crown: Poison by Ashley Hodges Bazer (Review by Derek – #NerdGirlDad)


Title: Heralds of the Crown: Poison

Author: Ashley Hodges

Published Date: May 9th 2014

Genre: Fantasy


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s part of a sect called the Strages, Marcella is ordered to execute fierce assaults on the Logia—gifted believers in the triune deity known as the Crown. After receiving a vision, she begins to question her allegiance and finds herself seeking counsel from a leader in the Logia faith, whom she was sent to annihilate.

When her mentor, Thaed, uncovers her betrayal, he orders her to do the unthinkable—kill the Logia leader who has become her friend. Her choice will result in either the destruction of the Logia or her own death.

The series of Strages attacks call the Logia to prepare for a major battle. In doing so, Gaultier Lassiter is enlisted. When he discovers an unconscious young woman buried in a snowdrift, his world is turned upside down. She has no memory and no ability to speak—only a strange symbol carved into her chest.

The question of her identity leads to a journey of legendary proportions. Between his own personal struggles with his estranged brother, his unmet potential, and the murder of a close friend, Gaultier fights to cling to his faith. And once the mystery is solved, will Gaultier be prepared to face the truth?


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***Derek – #NerdGirlDad’s Review***
This is definitely well worth five stars, as I notice several other reviewers have also given. It is so good that I have not done as I normally would and reduced it to three or four because of the errors that should have been corrected before publication. I have been in correspondence with the author and came to the conclusion that she was not to blame.  There are literally dozens of instances where two, three or even four words are printed with no spaces between them.
However, the story is so well constructed and written that this small inconvenience can be lived with; it just slows you down a little. This is no bad thing as this is not something to be read at speed, but should be taken slowly or you will miss a lot. You will have no trouble at all deciding that one side in the battle ( the Logia) is ‘Good’ and the other (the Strages) ‘Evil’, and who is on which side. What will keep you reading to the end is the question, “Which will win?”


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