The Keys to My Diary by Ann Omasta (Review by #NerdGirlJulie)


Title: The Keys to My Diary

Author: Ann Omasta

Published Date: June 2014

Genre: Contemporary Literature


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Get ready to be enchanted by the personal diary of Fern Burns. (Yes, she knows her name is ridiculous. If you met her flighty mother, you would understand.) Fern is 42-years-old, lives in the beautiful, tropical Florida Keys and is not your typical Contemporary Romance heroine.

In this journal, Fern shares the wacky, entertaining stories of her life for the year. From the love-hate relationship she develops with the book “The Secret” to having to deal with cursing parrots and a road filled with skittering crabs, her summations of her offbeat daily life make for a delightfully fun read.

Fern treats her diary like her best friend as she openly writes about her hopes and dreams, her thoughts and fears, and her triumphs and embarrassments. This is a particularly exciting year because she finally meets the man of her dreams. Or is he?

This fast-paced story is an intimate look inside Fern’s life as she hands over the keys to her diary. Go ahead…Take a PEEK!


***Stated that characters are going to or had sex, but it is not described.  Very PG.***
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***#NerdGirlJulie’s Review***
 The Keys to My Diary by Ann Omasta is a cleverly written contemporary literature novel.  It is a stand alone novel.  I did not anticipate enjoying this book as much as I did.  I have not previously liked the diary, email, text message format of story telling, however, Ms. Omasta pulled it off with panache.

The book is very fast paced, and although Fern’s regular diary entries provide easy places to end your reading for the day, I found myself unable to put the book down.  I laughed out loud numerous times through this read.  Through Fern’s diary entries we learn about the craziness of living in the Florida Keys as a 40-something single woman.  Ms. Omasta did a fabulous job developing her characters through these diary entries.  She also created a wacky, fun, well-balanced main character.  In this diary format, it would be all to easy for the main character to become whiny and negative.  Readers get to see all sides of Fern as deals with friends, co-workers, and her new enigmatic love interest.

One of my favorite parts of the book was the end.  It is not a rush jump into a HEA.  It is not a neat-and-tidy, all-wrapped-up-in-a-bow ending.  It is realistic, filled with possibilities and potential.

A fun-filled romantic comedy/chick-lit novel that I highly recommend.


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