Don Walker…  Where shall I begin…  Nerd Girl Official fan page promoted his Agent Wild KickStarter Campaign late summer 2013 and we have been friends ever since.  His #AwesomeSauce Comic, Alien Princess Huntress, Agent Wild (In my head it’s Asian Wild – LOL) looks sooooooooo cool so far!  I am totally excited that the comic was funded!  <Insert #FanGirlSqueal>

I was lucky enough to win a signed (on the back) promo cover printout and a silver edition metal trading card from one of his giveaways and I have been trying to get him to sign a piece of card stock paper ever since.  BUT the man is busy!!!  Maybe when his #IndyFilm gets funded I can coax him into it.  You know because WHEN I frame it, you can’t see his autograph.  AND I CAN’T PROVE WE WERE FRIENDS WHEN HE IS FAMOUS!!!


Alien Princess Huntress, Agent WILD, is an alien policing the alien presence on Earth who uncovers a plot to destroy an entire galactic alliance. Starting with EARTH.

Dant Dant Dahhhhhhhh…. (Is that how that goes??)  LOOKIE AT THE COVER!!  WELL THIS IS WHAT I HAVE.

  Gladys #XOXOtheNerdGirl #NerdGirlOfficial

Agent Wild


First I’d like to thank Gladys #theNerdGirl  for allowing me this space to talk about my newest film project,

So, what’s the movie about and why should you consider pledging your hard earned money on a film and film maker you know nothing about? Well, I’m glad you asked.

The film is a romantic comedy; one of my favorite genres (to my wife’s surprise), featuring the young, 20’s something, psychic, Marti (Tessa Harnetiaux) who through a chance encounter, meets the regimented and stuffy, Billy (Brent Bailey). Marti takes an instant liking to him as she finds his skepticism toward, her and her abilities, challenging.

After spending more time with him does she begin to think about a relationship with Billy? The constant prodding by her best friend and co-worker, William (Jesse Sherman), helps keep the thought alive as he’s suffering from what he calls ‘absent boyfriend syndrome.’ That’s his dramatic reference for being single. He lives vicariously through Marti when he can.

William’s also a psychic and has regular conversations with Marti’s deceased Mother who, before her death three years ago, foretold the young man Marti would meet and fall in love would happens to look exactly like Billy.

Marti originally fights these feeling for Billy and refuses to believe in William’s fairytale scenario. She’s conflicted by visions featuring Billy and others, that she can’t explain and as she falls in love with Billy, the visions stop coming all together. Now, after a lifetime of using her abilities to be a couple steps ahead of the rest, she finds herself having to deal with her feelings and Billy’s on an even playing field.

Billy on the other hand finds Marti’s psychic abilities frustrating. He lives a very ordered, strictly scheduled life that involves taking care of his sick mother, Rose. Falling in love with Marti, who her finds beautiful and intriguing, to be more drama than he thinks he can handle. These fears are alleviated when he takes her to meet his best friends Harry (Jonathan Biver), Dave (Lonnie Finley) and Lenny (Michael Sotkin). Using her abilities as a medium, she’s able to help the three of them to reconnect with deceased friends and relatives. Billy’s friends fall In love with her and immediately make her ‘one of the guys’ going so far to create a comic book devoted her called ‘MIND GIRL: PSYCHIC AVENGER.’ They become Marti’s biggest champions when Billy inevitably screws up and loses Marti. They make sure he sees the error in his ways, so to speak, and set up the eventual reconciliation of Marti and Billy.

You know it’s hard to write an article about a movie without giving away the ‘good stuff,’ so you’ll have to guess how the rest of the film goes, or if you see me out and about, just ask and I’ll tell you, LOL

The movie’s filled with pop culture and comic book nerd knowledge as I’m a card carrying comic nerd as well as a movie buff and film maker. One of the things I’m most proud of with this film is I believe the guys in the audience will be into it as much as the women in the audience (or at home). There’s a fine balance between the two characters of Billy and Marti that we’ve struck, and yes, I’m jaded as the screenwriter, producer and director.

And why should you back us on Kickstarter? Because making movies is awesome and it’s even more awesome doing it with super talented creators and fans like yourselves. I myself have backed numerous films, comics and tech projects. It’s cool being on the ground floor of something special. As the creator of a project, it’s real ‘hit or miss’ when you create something for a crowd funding site. You never know what ANYONE wants so you throw it at the wall, hoping it sticks.

I hope you go check it out. And if you like what you see, pledge, share, tweet etc.

 All my best,
Don Walker


Q&A With Don Walker

Q. When and why did you begin writing? What inspired you to write your first book?

When I was five, I saw STAR WARS (episode 4) at the drive in with my Dad, which was awesome all by itself since he almost never took me out with him, and the movie blew my mind. I devoured everything I could of Star Wars. I collected the comics, played with the toys, read the story books. Heck I even had the bed sheets (I miss those bed sheets). So at five, I’d write and (badly) draw my own adventures of Han Solo and Darth Vader. This also where my love of comics began as well. I’d graduate from Star Wars comics to X-MEN, SPIDER-MAN etc. So growing up I read a whole lot of comics, and I’d write my own stories featuring my favorite characters when the publishers wouldn’t and later I’d create my own characters as well.

I gravitated to screenwriting in college when I loved to Los Angeles in 1999 to attend the Los Angeles City College film and TV. program. That’s where I learned the basics of screenwriting. No of course there are a hundred books on the subject. But I went to school to learn directing and I wanted to be able to tell my own stories as well. It just so happened I fell in love with writing as well…

Q. What book(s) / author(s) have influenced your life and writing?

I’m a sci-fi guy so I read a lot of that as well as biographies and historical nonfiction. Right now I’m reading ‘THE UNINCORPORATED MAN’ series written by Dani and Eytan Kollin. This is an amazing social politic sci-fi series that’s very relevant today. I enjoy reading anything by author/director Kevin Smith (CLERKS fame among others). His last book, ‘TOUGH SHIT’ was hilarious. Also, I just picked up Simon Pegg’s ‘NERD DO WELL.’ He’s a very funny actor, most known for the SHAWN of the Dead film. So basically, long story short, sci-fi motivated me, gets be thinking and biographies inform characterization. For me anyway.

Q. Tell us about your characters and how they came to be?  Have they been in your head for a long time?

People have heard the saying, ‘write what you know.’ That’s what I do. My screenplays always revolve around a character or characters I know. The rest of the information I can research. Many of the characters in ‘SHE’S CRAZY, SERIOUSLY’ are based, in some fashion, people I know or have known. While it’s a romantic comedy, there are a few dramatic moments. One particular moment in the movie our main character, Marti, who’s psychic, has a ‘vision’ where she sees the man she loves, Billy, in a living room, standing next to an open casket. The casket is empty. Billy wears a black tuxedo jackets along with board-shorts and tennis shoes. In the movie, once Marti falls in love with Billy, her psychic abilities no longer work on him. This ‘side effect’ and dream sequence are all pulled from my real life. My Mother was a psychic, and I’d always ask her to ‘read me.’  She once told me it was hard for her to read me because I was her son and she loved me and wanted me to be happy and that it was hard to make sense of what she saw because she wasn’t sure what she saw was what was going to be, or what she, as my mother wanted to see.

The casket seen was a dream I had after my Mother died in 2003. The setting was the dining room of a house our family lived in when I was 6. This households most of my greatest memories of my family. In the dream, I had a choice, get in the empty casket and join my Mother, who I missed greatly, or close the casket and continue living. I believe wearing the tuxedo jacket represented my Mother’s death and the board-shorts represented my wanting to live and altogether showed my conflicting emotions. There are plenty more example of how my family relationships inform the movie, but you’ll just have to wait until we make it to see just how much. I’m sure I’ll delve into it in the DVD commentary.

Q. What motivates you to write?

My continued mental health. Our ancestors told stories to one another since the dawn of time. I think everyone likes too and wants to tell or listen to stories. It’s in our DNA. Some of us just want to make a living doing so. I feel I have to get these stories out of my head or it will explode.

Q. What is the hardest part of writing?

Creatively? It’s trying to keep the material as fresh and relevant as possible. Technically? Keeping the page count to a manageable length. I write screenplays, so it’s important to keep budget in mind. That might sound blasphemous to some writers, but it’s something you have to be mindful of. Most of my writing is down for me to direct and so I go into a script with many variables in mind like location availability, cast, crew, and budget. I’m in no position to write a hundred million dollar blockbuster (though I have written a few). I write material that I have a shot at possibly funding. ‘SHE’S CRAZY, SERIOUSLY’ is one of those movies.

We’re only asking for fifty thousand dollars which my Hollywood standers are cigarette money. We have an amazing cast headlined by BRENT BAILEY, whose best known for the hit web series EMMA APPROVED. He’s also had around six national commercials in the last six months including TACO BELL, NOKIA, HERTZ and CLOROX and TESSA HARNETIAUX who’s best known for the Cinema hit TV. show ‘THE GIRLS GUIDE TO DEPRAVITY.’  Everyone should go check out our Kickstarter campaign to just how many talented people who will be behind and in front of the camera for this movie.

Q. Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it?

On this movie? No. This movie is for my Mom. I love her so much and luckily for me, I told her that all the time. But the movie allows me to immortalize some of the lessons she taught me as well as my emotion toward her, my family and our lies together. My Father passed away in 2008 and my oldest brother in 2010. There’s a character in the movie that represents them as well as my other five siblings. I think I may have been able to work some things out emotionally but they were all things I was aware of in the beginning.

Q. Where do you get your ideas?

Like most writers I think I’m pretty imaginative already, but I most certainly draw from experiences in real life as well as my dreams, hopes and fears.  I can be at the park with daughter and watching her climb a tree and instantly come up with thirty scenarios about the outcome of her climbing that tree. Some are good, other bad, but they all can make great stories. The movie has some of my own relationship woes in it, as well as issues I’ve witnessed from others relationships. I think writing is observing life and them tweaking it to your own selfish needs for any given story.

Q. What does your family think of your writing?

That’s a great question. Most of my family members are not big readers. Most of them love movies, so they watch it when it comes out, but that’s about it, lol. I know some of them wouldn’t like to be represented as characters, but I don’t use their names so it’s not a problem

Q. What is the best advice you would give to inspiring authors?

Write every day. Even if it’s just notes to a story, scene, character, whatever. Put it on paper, or on your laptop screen. Get it out of your head so you can make room for more awesome stories and ideas.

Q. What book are you reading now?

Just ‘THE UNINCORPORATED MAN’ series, which I haven’t picked up in a few weeks as I’m crazy busy trying to run the kickstarter campaign for SHE’S CRAZY, SERIOUSLY!’ These campaigns are like a twenty-four hour, seven days a week job. And I need your help folks. I hope you can go by the campaign page and give it a look and tweet, share, possibly pledge.


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