Through the Oracle’s Mist (The Vengelys Series Bk 1) by Aedan Byrnes (Review by Gladys – #NerdGirlOfficial)


Title: Through the Oracle’s Mist  (The Vengelys Series Bk 1)

Author: Aedan Byrnes

Published Date: November 2013

Genre:  Paranormal Fantasy Romance


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In the blackest night, with the moon and stars to guide him, she would always be there waiting… Cyrenna thought she died the day she watched Tynan and his brothers jump through the banishment portal in an act of solidarity with Rigor. Little did she know, it would be the first of many deaths she would experience in her quest to claim his heart. She would surrender not only her immortal soul, but a mortal one repeatedly. Through a deal with the great Oracle, she has multiple mortal lifetimes to change the direction of her future and have a chance with Tynan. Her journey spans the ages from the GenPei War in Japan and the Silk Road west, to Cromwell, the Three Kingdoms and modern times, bringing her one step closer to forever until she makes a misstep. Then, the burden falls to Tynan. The only thing that is absolute is her fervent hope that he will come, but there’s one big problem. Through it all, he doesn’t so much as know her name.

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***Gladys – #NerdGirlOfficial’s  Review***
This novel truly mesmerized me from the book synopsis…  “Cyrenna thought she died the day she watched Tynan and his brothers jump through the banishment portal in an act of solidarity with Rigor”.  I could feel her heart breaking into a million pieces and I didn’t even know at that moment who Tynan was!!  My heart broke for her.

Byrnes already started to build the world of fantasy for me and I was hooked, AND there was a banishment portal and an oracle!  Then Tynan jumps in with his brothers in an act of solidarity and because of that act our heroine’s heart broken in pieces.  It brings me to a time where men were men and women worshiped their men as they should.  Their LOVES…  I was sick in the hospital when I read this book and I read it in one or two hazy medicated days but I remember enough to know that I will be purchasing the physical copy and re-reading it now that I am recovering nicely.

Cyrenna was a resolute, strong minded, and determined.  She wanted her happiness and she saw it in Tynan.  So she went to the Oracle and asked for many lifetimes in exchange, of course, Tynan was not to know who she was in each of those lives.  She lived many different lives.  Byrnes did well with his character development with Cyrenna and with Tynan.   I was quite impressed that a man (the author) could bring out such beauty in her emotions and conviction in her words. She was alive in my mind ((Or it was the Meds))  She was pained yes and he displayed that but not in a meak and poorly inexcusable way.  She needed to be strong to get through all the pains of ALL the lives that she endured.  Tynan was kinda hard to read but I suspect it was because in each life he didn’t know why this woman was seeking him.  You will see, when YOU read the book because as most of you know, I don’t like to give spoilers.

All in all the world building is beautiful,  each time span was done with care and I am very interested to learn his research process.  The main characters stood out and they were very well developed.  I enjoyed their banter and their romance in each passing time period.  The only problem I had was that the side characters lacked in dimension, but I do see them becoming more of their own in other books based on them?  MAYBE?? Yes my dear sir is that what is happening in this series??  I am going to give this novel a re-read.  It deserves it!  But I will tell you my opinion will not waiver.  He will be a talented author to keep an eye out for.  His work is masterfully done, in such a way that it speaks to you instead of you reading it.  I tip my #NerdGirl hat to you Aedan Byrnes and am looking forward to the next book in your series.


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