The Trouble with Flying (The Trouble Series #1) by Rachel Morgan (Review by Stephenee – #NerdGirlSteph)


Title: The Trouble with Flying (The Trouble Series #1)

Author: Rachel Morgan

Published Date: June 26th 2014

Genre: NA / Contemporary Romance


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When nineteen-year-old introvert Sarah boards a plane to fly home after an overseas holiday, the last thing she expects is Aiden, the guy sitting next to her who’s never flown anywhere before and refuses to shut up. Hours of random conversation later, they part ways. Sarah can’t stop thinking about Aiden, though, and wondering if she made a terrible mistake letting him go. Should she abandon her safe, predictable life and go in search of him, or would she be chasing a happily ever after that could never exist in real life? 

This is a standalone novel, but may contain mild spoilers for any previous books in the Trouble series


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***Stephenee – #NerdGirlSteph’s  Review***
I loved this book!! This is the first book by Rachel Morgan that I have read, but it won’t be the last!! I just one-clicked her Novella, Forgiven (A Trouble Novella) to read more about Sarah’s sister, Julie and I will be reading the other books that she has written! If they are anything like this one then they will be amazing as well!! This is exactly how a contemporary romance novel should be done, and it shows that you don’t need to have kinky, steamy sex to make readers fall in love with a book or it’s characters. Everything about this book is amazing, from the characters to the setting to the romance.  It’s a book that you need to make sure that you have a block of free time because once you start it you won’t want to do much else until it is finished!

The character development throughout the book was excellent – both main characters developed a great deal over the course of the novel, and the minor characters were developed enough that you could picture them in their own books (which I hope is soon).  I loved how the author started the characters from taking the first little baby steps to overcoming fears to completely changing their lives by making choices that were good for them individually, not as a couple.  The entire book was completely realistic, and I could see myself in Sarah’s shoes in so many ways as she discovers different things about herself and starts to conquer her fears (some of which she didn’t realize she had). l enjoyed reading about a “real” guy who just wanted to get to know a girl before becoming involved with her.  The most “physical” contact you get is a kiss and some hand holding and that is enough to sense the connection between Aiden and Sarah.

The plot was flawless and flowed through at a pace that makes the reader not realize that the day is speeding by while they are engrossed in the book.  I loved the predictable parts as well as the parts that the author adds in as a surprise that the reader doesn’t see coming! I enjoyed this book and have no complaints other than now I want some zoo cookies but can’t get them over here in the US. Looking forward to the next book in the series and others by this amazing author!!  Add this to your TBR list and you won’t be sorry!!


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