Lucky’s Break (Lucky Series) by Jenn Nixon (Review by Derek – #NerdGirlDad)


Title: Lucky’s Break (Lucky Series)

Author: Jenn Nixon

Published Date: May 6th 2014

Genre:  Action / Adventure


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After almost losing her uncle Phen during the investigation of her mother’s murder, Felicia “Lucky” Fascino cut all ties and ran away, hoping her family would move on and forget the promises they made. Putting the past behind her has never been easy, but Lucky knows working as an assassin is slowly destroying her already fractured psyche. Staying away, especially now that her family is in danger, is the only way to keep everyone safe. 

Kenji Zinn, determined to locate his ex-lover, tracks Lucky to a small island with her family’s help, and finds her in a miserable and self-destructive condition. Their connection is strained after months apart, but his feelings haven’t changed, and he attempts to persuade her to come home, to protect her family and keep her promise. But only Phen is able to convince Lucky that the way to get closure is finding an elusive man named Quimby and take him out permanently. 

While her family continues to track their target, Lucky returns to work for the network–struggling through each job, aware that pushing her family away won’t bring anyone the peace they deserve. As she repairs her shattered relationships, her true feelings for Kenji are tested when she almost loses him completely. Before it’s too late, Lucky realizes he’s her best ally to help her finish what she started and find Quimby before he strikes again. 

This is book two in Lucky Series.


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***Derek – #NerdGirlDad’s  Review***
Several months have passed since the ending of ‘Lucky’s Charm’. How Lucky comes to be on a remote island is explained in the book, so whilst I advise anyone to read ‘Charm’ first you would easily pick up the tale from this one alone. (The exception would be if you wanted a career as a hit-man/girl as you would have more methods to choose from if you’d read both.)
We learn a lot more about Lucky’s and Ken’s complex characters and you will find yourself identifying with Lucky and willing her to succeed with each ‘job’ she undertakes. Those you may think of as victims do not deserve to live; a fact that Ken accepts but Lucky is still struggling with throughout the book.
Whilst the murderer of Lucky’s mother is still at large at the end, the shooter of her uncle Phen is identified and dealt with. I look forward to the third part.


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